As we enter the gift giving season..

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    As we enter the gift giving season…

    While cleaning up after dinner this evening, we were talking about the time of year, and how many refer to our kids as “Gifts from G-d.” (For anyone wondering why I did not type the full word, it is as a sign of respect and as part of my religious beliefs.) We began to wonder how we would react if truly given a material GIFT that did not work as intended. This is our Top 10 list of things we would do with a gift that invokes such stress.

    10. Find a closet or other place in the house to put it, and just forget it is there.

    9. Gift it to Goodwill for the tax deduction (of course exaggerate the value)

    8. Use it for the Secret Santa event at the office (making sure it was completely anonymous)

    7. Make it look pretty for my next garage sale

    6. Ooh and aah over how nice it is and throw it right into the trash when nobody was looking

    5. Give it to the dog to use as a chew toy ( or to bury in the yard)

    4. Give it to a homeless person (in another town)

    3. Ask the Mythbusters to blow it up and see how cool that looks

    2. Look for the gift receipt and return it for a store credit

    1. Re-gift it (someone else’s problem to figure out what to do)

    Well, we certainly cannot return him, re-gift him, give him away, tuck him in the closet or even blow up our son, but we can use A LOT of humor to get through each day. We love our son very much and have to thank G-d that he is doing better. None the less, a gift? NOT REALLY! A gift should provide a warm feeling, a fun time, delicious calories, tears of joy, big laughs, etc.

    He is our son, our funny boy, our handsome kid and the pain in the ***. I guess all we can do is love him, hug him and leave no stone unturned to help him.

    Come to think of it, every once in a while we get a special hug, laugh till he has to pee, pig out on Dunkin Donuts together, and cry about a great school report.

    Still… would not call him a gift but we will always call him our son and love him.

    We hope we did not offend anyone and made someone laugh.
    Happy Holidays,
    Bugsy’s mom and dad
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    Bugsy's mom and dad,

    We have a lot of humor in our home as well!

    But I must say that for me personally, both my easy child and my difficult child are blessings and gifts. He makes me cry, he makes me laugh. He gives me headaches and makes me panic. He gives me joy and shows me the world through a perspective I never saw before. He is a challenge but a gift I couldn't live without.

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    :its_all_good:Thanks for making us laugh !!