As we get into holiday cooking and baking

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    The holiday season sure came on fast! It's the time when we are often called upon to bring a dish to a gathering or party.

    I am going to an autumn type party tonight, with overtones of Halloween and have been asked to bring a favorite appetizer, dessert, or dip. I am bring a loaf of bread, simple but usually appreciated.

    I also wanted to bring a dessert, hopefully this one is going to fly. I wanted to make a dessert candy, homemade caramels.

    I've had trouble with this type of recipe before and found a great instructional video on making caramels. It was clear and shared a few hints that could very well make the difference; things that as an expereinced cook, I didn't even know.

    The video for making homemade caramels is at:

    There are many good recipes for this on that site and others, find your favorite and give it a try!
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    Great site.

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    I LOVE this site - thanks!