Asking to be banned from another site


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I just sent a polite email to the administrater of the site my sister posts on. I asked if administrator would ban my ISP so that I could not read the board for my own sake. Said I had a family member there (no name) who upsets me by lying about me and said I would feel better banned...not having the option of slipping up and peeking to read Sisters headlines about me.

I am hoping for the ban. I asked for a similar ban from Out of the Fog and they did it! I consider this like blocking myself from FB. Its so hard not to look if you can so I hope that this site will also ban me.

Why do we feel compelled to look? Masochism? I dont believe what she writes is valid. Why look?

At any rate, I sm banking on this request solving the problem, MY problem of sneaking looks at her untrue headlines about me. If I cant look, i wont care. That is how I am. Out of sight, out of mind.


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Borderline Central. She insists on saying I am borderline mostly just to tick me off. I am past caring, but no longer want the option of peeking to see if she started another nasty thread. She has many mental health issuees of her be it. I want to stop looking at the toxicidity.
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Borderline Central. She insists on saying I am borxerline mostly just to tick me off. I am past caring, but no longer want tje option of perking to see if she started another nasty thread. She has many mental health issuees of flher be it. I want to stop looking at tje toxicidity.
You know what they can pick your nose and you can pick your but....but you can't pick your family. :hapydancsmil: Hang in there SWOT.


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Id rather pick my seriously, I dont consider her family. We are not close in a family way. My family is my husband and kids, all awesome.

On the plus side I found apps that will block any site I want.. Being techy challenged, i will have to get my husband to install it and to block her site. That means I cant acess it even if I get the urge tolook. Which is good.

One of us has to stop this craziness and I guess it will have to be me. Tomorrow this will be installed and that will be the end of it, at least for me.

I feel better already :).


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I think it is natural to be curious when you know someone is talking about you, even when you know they are trying to harm you. I also think the urge to try to reach out to family is ingrained in us, a natural instinct. It is one of those biological drives probably because we are herd or pack animals. We cannot succeed and thrive individually, we need family and society, our pack or our herd, if you want to call it that. Even though you have built a wonderful family that loves and supports and cherishes you (as they should!), part of you may always wonder about why or if your original pack could ever want you on any level. It may be why you want to read what she writes, to see if she ever reaches out or says anything nice.


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Naw, Susie. I know better and I would not let her back in no matter what. The DNA thing is not importsnt to me. I have never been interested in finding my DNA relatives.

I need to end the site to site communication. It is bad for me. And she wont so i have to do it. Hub is instslling the site block ap after work. I blocked her number and email. Now its time to block the site. That will be the last of it.

At leastb I did not read below the headline. She told me last and final time we spoke that she wrote her posts to get bother me. Jeesh. She is a senior at 57. I Am almost 64. Its to stop looking. And I will. THE SITE WILL BE BLOCKED.

Thanks for your thoughts, Susie. I however no longer wish for another crack at abuse from her. It wont work. Ever. There is nothing I want from her. She isnt nice to me and I am tired of hearing about her abusive boyfriend that she "loves." That she loves such man says a lot about her. We are attracted to whom we feel we deserve. And we start to act like we are treated or we get out. She never will get away from the man she diagnosed as a covert narcicist. Not that she can diagnose anyone. She is an aide to a teacher, not trained in psychiatry. But he is an awful man and she knows it but keeps running back.

I am done. Nothing will change that anymore, so I have to totally cut it off. Its on my fault. I should not play. I have to take total responsibility for this. And I will. My husband said the ap is easy to use.

Thanks all for letting me vent
Love you all :)
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