Asperger's book, Look Me in the Eye

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    This looks like a neat book. It's written by a guy with-Asperger's. There's a very cool video interview at this link. (The "in" thing now is shaky, homemade videos, by the way.) His brother wrote a memoir about their horrific childhood with-an abusive, alcoholic father. Has anyone here read either book?

    [ame=""] Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's: John Elder Robison: Books[/ame]
  2. Terry,

    I read this book, it was a facinating and somewhat terrifying book. This fellow has made his life work, despite overcoming an overwhelming situation regarding his Asperger's Syndrome and his early childhood. His brother Augusten wrote "Running with Scissors" about his childhood with a bipolar mother. At one point his Mom sent him to live with her psychiatrist - who eventually had his liscense pulled. It is supposed to be a true story, although the psychiatrist's family did sue him for defamation. The book was a great success and was made into a movie.

    I think it is facinating that both of the guys turned out to be writers. Maybe this is the one positive outcome from enduring such stressful childhoods. OBTW, his brother Augusten has a new book out about his father entitled "A Wolf At The Table". I can't wait to read it.
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    I am reading, "A Wolf at the Table" right now!!! Just started it!!! I knew his Brother is "Aspergian". They had lived separately since being young. I will have to look into it!!! Thanks.

    I just watched the Video! It was pretty one of Augusten's books he has a chapter about his brother, when he learns that he has "A## Burgers" As he puts it!!!
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    Aspergian? Like, Norwegian?
    Sorry, couldn't resist.
    I ordered both books.
    Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to see that both were writers and thought the same thing. It made me think of how many great Russian novelists came out of the19th and 20th c. after all their repression.
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    I finished the book (Look Me In The Eye). It was great! I'm going to post a cpl paragraphs here that made me think of our g'sfg.

    "A person with an obvious disability--for example, someone in a wheelchair--is treated compassionately because his handicap is obvious... With me, though, there is no external sign that I am conversationally handicapped. So folks hear some conversational misstep and say, 'what an arrogant jerk!'"

    About his wife ... "She watches what people say and do around me, and explains things I miss... she is patient when I ask the same questions over and over. For example, at noon most days I phone her and say, 'Woof! Do you like your mate?'
    'Yes, I like you,' she reassures me.
    An hour later, I must have forgotten the last call because I call again and say, 'Woof! Do you like your mate?'
    'Yes, I still do like you,' she says.
    This may go on four or five times in the course of a day. By the fifth time, she might say, 'No, I don't like you any more,' but by then I know she is just teasing. She really does like me. So I feel safe.
    I have no idea why I ask the same thing over and over, but I do. If I am made to stop, I often become anxious."
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    I just finished a Wolf at the Table!!! Very good as well...
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    I'm just started it. He really embellished Running With Scissors so I decided to read the aspie one first, assuming it would have more truth in it and I'd be able to spot the innacuracies. Still, since there was an 8-yr-age diff, there's no way to compare every single situation.