Aspergers misdiagnosed until teens

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    My son has Tourette's, ADHD, ODD and conduct disorder, but after doing some research, I'm wondering if he doesn't have aspergers? Not only does he have a substance abuse issue with obsessing about marijuana, he honestly says he doesn't understand why he does the things he does and the stuff he thinks up in his head is so far out there even when pot was not involved. For example, he can get into trouble for doing something and lectured for awhile and 10 minutes later come and ask for an expensive gift or to take him somewhere really far fetched. It's the most bizarre thing. I remember one night we spent the night at a good friend of mine's house and her son and my son was with a kid who brought a joint to the movies with them. The husband of my friend found out and was not happy, lectured them for about an hour and 10 minutes later, my son walks in the room where we were and says "hey, can you guys take us to a party"? He was completely serious and argued with us on why we should take them. It was close to 12 midnight and the other two boys had no intentions of going and would never dream of asking. Its like he is completly oblivious to things, especially common sense issues. He is extremely smart in certain areas except hes horrible at completing his work. Another example is in 8 th grade he and I had to talk to a counselor at school about Him being with a kid who had spice on him (guilty by association) and the counselor asked him "why do you think kids come to school"? His response "to get drugs"?
    It's like certain wires do not connect, really. He has obsessions too and I know this is a part of tourettes, but also Asp.'s. He has always been loving and a hugging, take his shirt off his back for you kinda kid. Loves animals and no troubles fighting. He does have some separation issues. Although at almost 15 he insisted on sleeping with my husband and I or his sister up until about a year ago. He is seeing a new phychiatrist and she seems to really get what's going on but no mention of the aspergers. Any suggestions or thoughts?
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    It is most certainly worth looking into. The lack of common sense is the most obvious indicator here. Yes, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) stimming can be mistaken for tourrette's tics. I would certainly ask for an evaluation for it.
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    by the way, if you truly think that he might have Asperger's or any form of autism, any old drug rehab place will NOT do. You will most definitely want one that has experience with and makes accommodations for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).