Aspergers on ANTM???

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by neednewtechnique, Oct 12, 2007.

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    Okay, do any of you find time to watch tv ever? I have been watching America's Next Top Model on Wednesdays (something difficult child and I do together for part of our share time) and this season, they have a girl competing with Aspergers. I have so far been really impressed with the way she has handled herself on the show, and ALSO with HOW MUCH some of the symptoms of Aspergers actually COMPLIMENT what the judges consider "high fashion" modeling, such as the awkward movements and facial expressions, eye contact, etc. I was also kind of impressed that Tyra Banks, and the other judges have really done their research and have made a huge effort to understand her disorder and help her make it WORK for her! And for those of you who have seen it before and know about the dreaded "makeover" episode, it seemed to me that they intentionally made very subtle changes on her, just because the things they did really made a big difference to her appearance, without the added strain of making her uncomfortable. I have been impressed!

    I don't know that much about Aspergers, we don't have any children with it, but after making friends with all of you, knowing that many of you DO, so it kinda caught my attention. Our difficult child has a step-brother with Aspergers, (my husband's son, who lives across the country so we don't see him), so even though she doesn't suffer from it, she kinda relates to this girl a little, becuase of her brother, and also because our difficult child DOES suffer from some of the same problems as this girl. She has become our favorite, as well as it seems MANY OTHERS who watch the show, as she has been the public's FAVORITE voted for the last two weeks in a row.
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    Thanks for the tip-off. I'll have to have a look. We are getting this, and a number of other US-made TV shows streamed across live (allegedly). But we ARE getting the same season as you are, with these.

    Today in Sydney is Aspie heaven - Supernova, a convention for sci-fi/fantasy geeks where a lot of them turn up in costume. It's at Olympic Park, where the Sydney 2000 Olympics were held. difficult child 1 and easy child 2/difficult child 2 are both going today (taking themselves separately, with similar Aspie friends). A lot of non-Aspies go, of course, but it's a magnet for the Aspies.

    I'll make sure I tell the kids about ANTM when they get home tonight.

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    I watch fairly often. Thanks to your tip, I'll seek it out
    this week. Do you suppose I'll recognize the AS girl quickly??
    I bet so. DDD
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    I can give you a hint and tell you her name if you want, or you can try to see if you can figure it out for yourself?????

    She really is my favorite, I just think she is very pretty and she does take great pictures, the only problem she has so far is her "runway walk" and even that has improved since the beginning a few weeks ago!