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    ok so a few months ago i took my two yr old to the doctor. i told him that my son lines all his toys in rows, he only plays with things that have to do with transportation and that his room has to be spotless to go to sleep. and that the wind blows and hurts him along with anything else that touches my son. while at the doctor visit my son is opening and shutting all doors and spinning everything he can. doctor did a questionnaire and said my son might have aspergers. isn't odd though for this to me seen so early if that is the case? did anybody else kids have problems with this? what was the outcome diagnoses? also is it normal for it to get worse? fir instance, his room used to only have to be spotless. now it is everything we cant leave aisle in store until the are all straighten. we can eat in restaurant because he has to clean everything. he is my youngest, my middle child is 4 and she has adhd, and Sensory Integration Disorder (SID). and my oldest is 7 and fine.. other than wanting a vacation without her brother and sister. please give me your advise?
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    Back in 2000 there was a major study published that showed that half the time doctors weren't listening to concerns of parents when they brought up signs of Autistic Spectrum and that other people (such as other parents and teachers) were instrumental in identifying possible Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)'s.

    That's important because for instance Asperger's often wasn't diagnosed until late elementary years, past the ideal window for starting therapy. The outcomes improve with early diagnosis and early interventions so I applaud you for picking up on what you did and your doctor for listening.

    With a parent who understands what a child is dealing with and early interventions, typically there is overall improvement, but honestly expect some ebb and flow. It's pretty typical for a child with AS to be dealing with something.

    Hopefully the doctor has referred you on to a diagnostician, plus for evaluations in occupational therapy and speech.
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    I get him into interventions. If he can speak, he may have Aspergers. If not he could have a different type of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), but it does sound like Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Early Childhood Intervention is very helpful and should be done through the county. At age three, they have early intervention at school. in my opinion I think you should go there now. Can't hurt. The symptoms you describe are a lot like autistic spectrum so I think it is probably a good, early catch on the part of the diagnostician.
    Do you think your older one, diagnosed with ADHD and Sensory Integration Disorder (SID), may also be on the spectrum? Her diagnosis. are sort of red flags for it...and often Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is not caught until later. It does run in families.
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    Dani, you're really lucky that you've got a pediatrician that's paying attention! The sooner the better. With the proper interventions started right away, you make major headway compared to starting the evaluation process when he's 4 or 5 and having trouble in Pre-k or kindergarten.

    Ask your pediatrician about Early Intervention (I'm not sure what age they are when they're too old). The therapists then come to your house to provide Occupational Therapist (OT)/PT or Speech at no cost to you.

    Good luck! We're here for you!

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    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR REPLYS. as far as my middle daughter i thought when she was younger like 2 she might have something in the autism spt, however when i go to take my son the see the psychiatric, i was going to bounce the idea off him and see what happens. first place i called before going to doctor was early intervention (early steps) it so cool that you guys know what that is.. anyway i had them come out and evaluate my son in his environment before running to doctor. yes doctor is amazing so glad i switched to him. he has a appointment in sept for the psychiatric. i also got my son involed with cms. the nurse told me that this psychiatric says if a kid walks into his office and in twenty mins opens and close every door and spins everything over and over. he will have him dignosed in one hr and that is normally aspergers. THAT IS MY SONS BEHAVIOR ANYWHERE. so i am stoked about this appointment.. oh back to early steps, they told me since my son is 2 1/2 and school isnt back in till late aug. and he is so far on the waiting list they wont be helping him with anything other than a therapist once a week in the home for one hr. (that really ticks me off) so when he get closer to three i have to have him re- evaulated and try to get him into fiddlers where he will go to school for three hrs a day. since his sister went thru all the programs and i am on top of everything i am able to get a few more doors open. and his speech is there but he mumbles everything. he doesnt open his month when he talks. he starts his first therapy session on monday..sorry i jumped all over the place. i love the think with the legos and controlled life.. i tell everyone when i had my first child life was still the same easy. but when i had my second the whole world changed. lol.. thanks guys!!