Aspies can be quite witty and cut to the core ...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, May 17, 2012.

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    I got this cute new haircut yesterday, a bob that curls under, and cut bangs that sweep to the side. Unfortunately, my hair has a mind of its own, and the shorter pieces on top decided to stick up and curl. difficult child stopped doing something in mid-task and said, "You look like a Who from Whoville.":916blusher:

    The other night, I left husband's ofc with-difficult child in the car, and husband called to tell me to watch out for speed traps on a certain boulevard. I thanked him, continued on my way, turned the corner, and saw a car slowing down to go into a pkng lot. I cut around it and accelerated, and with perfect timing, difficult child said, "Speed trap!" OMG, my heart almost stopped. Soooo funny ...
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    :rofl: Wanting like button here!
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    I love it. It reminded me of the time I had left difficult child with my parents for the afternoon and got my hair cut. As I walked in the front door of their split level house difficult child was standing at the top of the stairs, and with a very deadpan inflection said "Nice hair cut, girly." Gee, way to make me feel good, kid.
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    Lol... Who from Whoville... killing me!
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    I will always keep the first discipline note we ever got from school about Wiz. He told a playground monitor his name was Jack. Jack :censored2: (he used ss not $$). He was 5. We just never knew what would come out of his mouth.

    Like when we explained that a certain male body part sometimes stands up on its' own. He had never realized it and was HORRIFIED.

    He was POSITIVE that we were joking.

    We had to have GRANDPA explain it before he accepted that it was supposed to do that. Explaining to my dad about what we needed him to tell his grandson was a RIOT - took my dad ten min to stop laughing enough to speak, lol.

    Of course then we had SuperTyler. thank you's alterego. SuperTyler did amazing things. And wehn he flew from planet to planet if he had to potty his 'elephant' or his tushie (depending on what he had to do) would just stretch to the nearest planet to a potty so he didn't have to stop what he was doing.

    The look on husband's sister's husband's face when 3yo thank you explained ALL of this was priceless. thank you was SOOOO serious and K didn't even crack a smile until he was out of the room. Then we thought we were going to have to call 911 because he laughed for a solid half hour. We ALL were amazed - esp as he was SOO serious as thank you was telling him about it. thank you took SuperTyler VERY seriously and he had given this bathroom problem a LOT of thought.
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    Both mine come up with some of the most amazing things when they are least expected and seem so random that they leave me going "huh? where did that come from?" What difficult child said is exactly the type of thing I get from difficult child 1. The spontaneity and randomness make it even more funny.
  8. LOL!!! Funny boy you've got there!!
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    I took a shower last night and slept on wet hair. When I woke up, I truly did look like a Who! OMG!

    Fingers crossed that I make it through the weekend ... husband is out of town at a seminar. :( Luckily, easy child and her boyfriend are here (he's here for the weekend) so maybe that will keep difficult child watching his Ps and Qs.
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    OH so funny....

    we do learn to appreciate the goofy times, dont we? I am sure you look amazing!

    So glad you have some extra coverage this weekend. Does he like the boyfriend? Q would be all over impressing someone like that, LOL.
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    Yes, he likes most guys who are in HS or college. Particularly those who date easy child. They always talk to him about his games, about sports, etc. Very laid back.
    Very unlike Mean Mom. :)