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    I started to reply to Marg on antoher thread but decdeid to start anoter one.
    My son is very asynchonous, only on the other end. He is highly gifted verbally and very low on math. So, ike his ACT score was nearly perfect with reading (34 and 16 in math) so overall score is 25 and the places I hope for him to go have 30 plus scores . He is that way verbally. I had his last asessor (at Belin Blank: expert in 2E) at age 18 last Oct. put that in, to emphasize the gifted part becaseu he does belong in the gifted area verbally. The other day he goes 10 to I:30. I emphasize his strenths. He is doing grat but needs help with rote.
    difficult child is on the opposite end. She is very rote and has trouble with abstract. I really do think she is on the specdtrum. I know she is. With the mood stuff and all that has occured this past year, it can obscure it but I know she is. That is why I am doing the neropsch. exam. She is not doing as well in math as usual: last year she was doing geometry and algebra 2, right now she is scoring much lower due to the pwychois stuff/substance abuse and the medications. Actaully,s he is asking them at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) to do math sheets and she is scroing very high. Right after she was in hospital they tested her and she tested at 5th drade math, 4th grade English and 8th grade vocab. That is about where she has been this year.
    I will be picking her up at the hopital and drivng to the psycologist for the testing: I am committed to doin gthat. He will teast her 1 hour at a itme. I think this is preferable to the hoitpal testing which would be an entire day. My main goal is to get the diagnosis for autism and then from there decide what diretion to go. I have always homeshcooled which has many advantages . I am gettign pressure from psychiatrist not to homeschool and I know I need and she needs more suports than I can offer at home. She is in a social skills group at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). The first step is getting this testing doen and the diagnosis. Compassion