At home remedies to take care of us :)...what's yours?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Jena

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    good morning,

    I"m trying to start my day in a positive way today. :) There are some of our friends here now that I have noticed are having such a rough time of it as of late, more than the norm. My heart goes out to them, it truly does. They are so strong, are resilient and they just have no idea the strength that lies within as we all read their posts. We all deserve a "time out", even if it's just a few minutes to pick up our feet and take a breather. So, I thought maybe we could all share some "at home" remedies we have come up with on our own, or know of that helps us feel "'better", "calmer".

    I particularly like kava kava tea (it's inexpensive in the supermarket here) and when I'm in "flip out" mode a cup of that can really bring me down.

    I also noticed that taking omega's 3's particularly fish oil (yes yuck) seems to help balance me a bit more than the norm.....

    meditation works as well. I will literally do it wherever i need to now. In my truck, in my bed in the living room. Just shutting everyone off and going within and visualizing my calm place.

    at home stuff i do when i have the time, because salon's and manicures' are no more since i'm not working........

    i mix an egg white beat it in a bowl and put it on my face......i'm not sure what it does i think it minimizes my pores. also cucumbers on my eyes to help with swelling, and cold tea bags.

    my hair, i have used a mixture of avacado and mayo in my hair and olive oil. also i rinse with a bit of beer (budweieser) from time to time keeps hair shiney.

    ok well that's my deal.........

    anyone else have anything that they use at home to make you feel better??? :)

    have a great day! i'm off to a garage sale to hopefully replace our coffee table kids broke. ugh.
  2. Kjs

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    HOW do you do that? When i try to visualize a calm place all the doctors and bill collectors are there.
  3. Andy

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    This is a great idea - I am looking for input.

    Kjs - You have got to go deeper. Look for that spot on a hidden island - you have just out manuvered EVERYONE - not only doctors and bill collectors but even your KIDS! Sit back and laugh that you got away and then close your eyes and enjoy the peace and quiet. (but be quick about it because some of us are on our way to join you - we will bring refreshments.......)

    I am getting better at shutting down. I am also at the point in my life that I am ready to so "no" to organizations and groups that are so used to me stepping forward and getting the job done. I have given my time and can not handle that level of involvement anymore - probably when difficult child is older I will join organizations again because that is who I really am.
  4. susiestar

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    We have a number of guided meditation cassettes that husband bought before our marriage. They are AMAZING at helping me get through a migraine.

    I find that drinking LOTS of water helps with almost every health issue. I keep a bottle with me and just refill it over and over.

    We learned a home remedy for bowel blockages. When NOTHING else worked, an enema of 1 jar molasses and then fill the jar with whole milk - mix the two and use in enema bag - it was amazing. NOT a lot of fun, but really helped. More than the GoLightly stuff they tried, and cheaper.

    GinGies candies for nausea. They are made from real ginger and are very helpful.

    For any sinus problems/ear problems, I put peroxide in my ears. It fizzes and sounds like fireworks, but really helps with allergy congestion, eustachian tube blockage, earaches, etc...

    Sinusrinse bottle or Neti Pot for allergies - rinses the allergen right out, along with any other nasty stuff.
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  5. susiestar

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    For a kid who won't take a pill (that can be crushed) or can't take the liquid version, crush the pill, put it in a teaspoon, add some hershey's syrup, stir with toothpick and it will go down the hatch with no problems.

    Make SURE the pill can be crushed (that it is not time released or some such).
  6. donna723

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    Not exactly a home 'remedy' but Classical music worked for me! I had always loved it but never could listen to it when I was married to butthead ex. When I was going through my divorce and was so upset and igitated, I started listening to it in the car on my way to work, 40 minutes each way. This is a special thing ... just for ME! Nobody could make fun of it or roll their eyes - you know the routine. It didn't happen right away but slowly my attitude started to change and I calmed down. I found that the MORE I listened to Classical music, the LESS I had the urge to put my fist through somebody's face! There's not a lot that 40 minutes of Bach twice a day won't cure!
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Witz, I have to tell you that I haven't heard that concoction of an M & M enema since my school days in 73-74. Before prepackaging it was used pretty frequently.

    I haven't done it for a while but when things were their bleakest, I would run a bath at 11 PM which is very unusual for me. Add sweet smelling bubbles, and actually fill the tub. Shut off lights, put on the soothing music, light candles, soak, close my eyes and just shut down. After a while I realized it was almost womb like. Evidently I needed it then. Some how helped the soul to heal and the worry of be diminished.
  8. Jena

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    It has taken over a year to get it, trust me. I just concentrate on my breathing. Now when I say i do it in my truck I dont' mean while driving it and kids in the back seat lol. now that would truly be gifted. :)

    I just focus on my breathing, by listening to it and my heart beating. just go totally inward. maybe this will help. I imagine as i'm breathing in that i'm breathing in "white", then when i exhale it is "red". White represents calm, peace. Red is anger, fear, frustration. I had to give it color and meaning because without that I couldn't do it it would drive me totally insane. The bill collectors, doctors, difficult child, they will all be there when you are done. :) It was taken alot of practice though. Yet instead of a xanax which I had popped a few over a year ago i do this now. Granted xanax was a quicker response time LOL.
  9. Jena

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    here's another one.......yes you guys are going to think i'm really out there now lol :)

    When it's bad i mean bad, like anxiety ridden and i don't know what to do to get out of it. I stand still (granted this can't be done around kids, i run into my room if necessary and i've had to a few times). I stand still i begin to wave my around while holding them straight down around my body almost making a circle around me. i invision rocks at my feet where my arms are circling. the rocks protect me, it is my safe zone. i'm telling you it truly works. i do that incorporate the breathing with it and when i am done i could seriously just take a nap.
  10. susiestar

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    Fran, I am the one who mentioned the M&M enema. It is what really worked for Jess when she was so sick with the blockage over Christmas. I DID have them do it in the hospital, rather than at home. She was so miserable, I am glad it worked. You are the first person who has mentioned they have heard of it. It was the remedy of one of the OLDer docs' moms. Anything that works, I say.