At least the car has air conditioning...

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    Son #1 was feeding the cats and bunnies while we were on vacation, and I'd left my car keys at home in case he needed to move either the cars or the truck (since they are not parked legally, the city occasionally gives us a nasty-gram). What I didn't know was that he had taken my house key off the ring to use. I found that out about two hours ago, when I got home from getting hay for the bunnies and realized I had no house key. It never occurred to me to check before I left the house.

    No problem...there's a lock box in the backyard. However, Hubby has stacked so much stuff by the fence that I was unable to get close enough to see the little numbers to unlock it. Hubby. It's almost time for him to be off work. I tell him I can't get in. He asks if I locked myself out., but I don't have a house key on my ring.

    Oh, yeah, Son #1 has it. Go check the lock box.

    I can't get to the lock box. There's a bunch of stuff in front of it. I can't see the numbers. COULD move the stuff, you know.

    And then the fight started...:grrr:

    I just got back inside. Son #1 brought me my key.
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    So sorry.
    So, hubby is sleeping in the hay with-the bunnies tonight, right?
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    TERRY! ((((ROFLM bunny slippers) Off.

    Sorry KT............
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    So much for any left-over vacation happiness. Sheesh, what a terrible way to be welcomed back normal life.
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    And to make matters worse...

    Hubby's buddy D, who "lives" in our garage, was also helping to feed and care for the animals. D had the key that was supposed to be in the lock box.

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    Where's the slap 'em upside the head emoticon?
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    Oh, brother! Men.