At my easy child's school program last night...a good ending!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by butterfly31972, May 10, 2008.

  1. Last night we went to easy child's school program. It went well until the middle when my difficult child started getting antsy and wanted to get water, etc....A.K.A. wanting to play in the foyer and hallways of the preschool.

    We got water and he ran way ahead of me into the church where the program was being held. I walked in and sat down...didn't say a word.... trying not to get him started and riled up. He started getting more and more antsy and vocal -darn that speech therapy :) . So we had to leave. Ugh!!

    Well, after the program after everyone had left, except the director, I drove back up there to pick up my easy child's shoes and told the director what happened and how I missed the slide show with pics and all. And she gave me a DVD of the production! WOW! I was so grateful!!!

    She was so nice to do that and my night was saved!!!
  2. By the way, the director has seen my difficult child in action and when I was asking if they had an opening for my difficult child in her preschool last year she would always say no -all year long- and I always felt it may be because she knew they couldn't handle his impulsivity and fits. :) When I joke about that, she never denies it!! ---shock---
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    Sounds like you handled the evening just right!

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    Butterfly, I'm glad it worked out. Most teachers and admin know all about preschoolers and how antsy they can be, with-or with-o special needs, so if she hadn't understood I would have been disappointed.