At the end of my rope today!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JKF, Sep 8, 2011.

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    So my 10 yr old son, who's usually the "good one" just decided it would be a good idea to pee all over the bathroom. He literally peed ALL OVER! Walls, ceiling, floor, toilet seat. I think everything got it but the sink! I'm in shock! I can understand maybe a little "dribble" on the seat here and there but the walls?? the ceiling??? This was in our guest bathroom downstairs. After inspecting his bathroom upstairs I noticed streaks all over the walls behind the toilet which leads me to believe that he's done the same thing upstairs as well. I just cleaned both bathrooms from top to bottom but I'm so disgusted. I know boys will be boys and sometimes it's hard to control that thing but this was waaaaay beyond that.

    He's now up in his room. I'm so tempted to send him to bed without dinner but I don't know if that's too much. I do know that he is grounded for the weekend. No video games, no TV! Sorry but that's unacceptable!!!

    Anyway, I'm done with my rant now. Hope everyone is well and enjoying a pee-free evening!! lol
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    Given what little I know about normal boys... it was probably a subject of discussion at recess... and he needs to be able to go back to school tomorrow and brag about actually doing it. Yes, at that age... "normal" boys are really strange.

    I'd have made HIM do all the cleaning. To MY standards.
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    Many comments, but all would qualify as too much information. Let's just say, *next* house I live in will have a Mom bathroom and a "the-rest-of-you" bathroom. None of the males in my house are terribly proficient at toilet use (but at least they do put the seat back down).

    However, ceiling is excessive even for the most careless male. I think the most logical consequence for this is a bucket, a sponge, and your favorite cleaner, to be used by the offending male until the bathroom is sparkling. Hopefully, having to clean up his mess will make him be a little more careful in the future. (Note - I do say "hopefully" because so far, after 25 years, it still hasn't worked with- husband. ;) )
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    I've been told that if food is readily available, this form of punishment is not acceptable these days. It doesn't fit the crime, anyway.

    At 10, he certainly should have been involved in the cleanup. If he refuses (or claims he doesn't know how), he can stand and watch you do it, and listen to you rant.

    Since that opportunity is gone, and he's grounded for the weekend, and more than likely will be "bored", maybe you can come up with some creative cleaning tasks for him. Hey, you cleaned up his mess, he can clean up one or more of yours.
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    I was just so disgusted that I couldn't even look at him for a second longer. That's why I cleaned it up myself and he was sent to his room. However, he is on toilet duty for the next week and will be cleaning all three toilets in the house each and every day! Luckily I do have my own bathroom so I don't have to worry about "boy mess" in there (well, except from my hubby but he's actually really good about that). The boys also have their own bathroom which I expect to be more on the gross side but then there's the nice clean little half bath that he peed all over. I just can't believe that it was literally dripping from the ceiling and running down 3 walls! Sorry, but that doesn't seem like an accident to me.

    As for dinner, he did eat but after my husband and I finished our dinner. We wanted a peaceful meal and that's what we got. After we were done, I called DS down and he ate his. He's now in the shower and then it's bedtime. A full hour early! Maybe next time he's tempted to pee all over he'll think twice about letting it go! Hopefully this will be a one time deal and lesson will be learned.
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    What does he have to say for himself? Yuck.