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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by joneshockey, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Today has been a VERY challenging day with B2... I am not sure if it is caused by the change in routine after coming home from the weekend at the lake or if his medications just arent working today. His behavior has been almost as bad as it was before he went on his medications 3 weeks ago. He is back to hitting, kicking, scratching and spitting at me when I am disicplining him. Just a few minutes ago he come down from his timeout in his room totally unclothed and when I checked his room he had urinated all over the floor! I just don't understand WHY things are soo bad today. I just am in need of a major break, even if it is just 30 minutes alone! Which, of course I won't be getting since FF1 is working AGAIN tonight! B2 also had a follow-up today with his pediatrician which was a TOTAL nightmare because the doctor was running 45 minutes behind (for a 9:20 appointment, mind you!) and I had to bring B1 with us so they both kept fighting with each other. The doctor felt that we need to start him on an ADHD medication in the next week or so because he is becoming more and more impulsive, but he wants to wait until his current medication is fully working in his system. I joked with him that maybe he needs to give me something as well to put me out of my misery...
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    Transitioning home from a weekend at the lake could make for a rough day for any 3 1/2 year old, not just one with issues. If you can plan a day of total downtime at home after a big weekend it might help you all out.

    Hang in there--get some good rest tonight.
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    sounds like more than ADHD to me. I'd take him to a neuropsychologist for an evaluation before letting the pediatrician put him on a stimulant. That's really out of his field. medications can make kids worse depending on what's wrong, and I doubt that ADHD is his main issue. Does this child have any quirks or odd behaviors besides urinating in his room? Does he relate well to others, especially his same age peers? Any speech delays or strangeness (such as copying what he hears or repeating what you say instead of answering)? You have mood disorders in the family. Think it may be that? You see impulsivity (if not extreme impulsivity, in mood disorders and autistic spectrum disorder/Apsergers too. Often the kid's first diagnosis. is ADHD/ODD. I wouldn't put a childhood disorder in the hands of a regular pediatrician.

    Take care,w whatever you decide to do.
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    Midwest Mom~
    ADHD is not B2's main concern. He was diagnoised with Mood Disorder not otherwise specified, ODD and ADHD. He was evaluated by 2 psychologists and 1 psychiatrist. He is currently taking Risperdal for his mood disorder, but since starting it I have noticed somewhat of a decrease in anger & aggression, but an increase in impulsivity... The pediatrician reccommmended starting him on Concerta 18 mg in the next couple of weeks after the Risperdal has been fully in his system. I am unsure because it is a stimulant and one of the side effects is irritability... which B2 already has alot of issues with and I really am not sure if I want to increase the chances of him becoming more irritable! I am going to ask his psychologist about it when he goes for therapy tomorrow afternoon. I am just hoping that we have a better day today!
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    Hey! Any better today? I know he was driving you nuts after coming back from the trip. Like SRL said, they can be unbearable after a trip even without the challenges that our kids have~!

    Hope things clear up some for you!

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    We had a nice day yesterday. B1 went to Michigan Adventure with- the grandparents, so B2 and I spent the day together. We went out to lunch with- a friend of mine (which I was thankful that it was a kid friendly place, since B2 had trouble sitting still) and went shopping... I was pretty impressed that he did as well as he did (no meltdowns at the stores either). It was sooo nice not to have to run interference between B1 & B2 - I think that B2 enjoyed getting to play with all the toys without having to share anything. We will see how today goes though... We have another busy day ahead - B2 has therapy with- the psychiatrist & B1 has reading tutoring... I am hopeful that B2 doesnt fall apart like on Tuesday when we were at the library for tutoring!