At the risk of jinxing it all

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    Kiddo's first two days have gone well (she hasn't had homework yet either, might have something to do with it!). She does miss her old school and friends but admits that new school is not as bad as she thought it would be. She really likes her new teacher (her first male teacher, knew this was going to be a wild card). She says he's cool because he doesn't say the same things as other teachers. I asked her what she meant and she said "He said he doesn't give us grades, we earn them." Ohhhh... you mean the same thing I've been telling you in various forms for last few years, but let the new teacher say it and now it's cool and she gets it. Yokay.
    Anyway, he has had some SpEd training (he's not her ED teacher, but it's good he has this training and patience). Open house is next week so at least (hopefully!) I'll meet him before she cycles again.
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    So it's NOT just my kids who do that???????

    Good to hear that it's all good so far!
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    That sounds great!
    Too funny about the grades.
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    Glad everything has gone well so far. difficult child informed me today that he doesn't know if he wants to go to the new school. When I asked him why, he said he was nervous. I reminded him that I am going to go with him the first day (NEXT Thurs) and will be there when he needs me (it won't last long). He has never had a big change like this without his twin and they will be in schools 20 minutes apart. I know he'll be okay but he won't believe me until we get there. I am anticipating major anxiety for the next week.

    As for the grades comment, haven't you learned YET that moms don't know anything and everything is different when it comes from someone else?!? LOL
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    And men teachers are SO much cooler than boring Moms...
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    I'm glad she's off to a good start. And of course kids always believe other people over mom. lol