At the risk of stirring up the board curse....

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Mom2oddson, Sep 21, 2010.

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    O.M.G. difficult child-Ant is doing so well right now!! (rattling beads to keep board curse away).

    He's been working a full time job roofing for almost 2 months, plus is still working his weekend job. He got a license on his own. Bought a $400 beater car that runs well. AND....

    He called me Friday night to tell me that he and his friend C got a place. Ant's been couch surfing for so long, but not anymore. He even said, "I'm growing up Mom."

    He didn't ask for a thing for his place or anything. So when I showed up with towels, dishes and utensils, plus things like T.P, paper towels, laundry soap, etc... He was so thankful. Sincerely thankful!!

    He's even taking responsibility of his live. He was explaining to us his plan to keep expenses down for the next two paydays because he has to pay back Enabling Grandma (EG) with this weeks check. She won't take anything but full payment. When we offered to help he said he can do it. We are so proud. (still rattling beads, knocking on wood, anything to scare off the curse)

    (Of course we want to wring EG's neck! This is the same EG that is getting a grand from us every month, plus $219 from SSA in support, plus just got a big back-payment check from SSA in the tune of over $12,000. Greedy people hoover. husband told Ant that there are others he could of asked a loan from. He'll learn. His Uncle just figured that out after 38 years. It's a family of slow-learners)
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    That is SOOO awesome!!!! Congrats!!! And yes, greedy people certainly do hoover.

    So there IS a board curse! Makes so much sense now....every time I post things are better they Need to get me some beads :D
  3. Fran

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    Way To Go!!! Sounds like the light bulb got turned on. Enjoy every minute.
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    This is SUCH good news.... I know you are so proud of him!