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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Q was getting so "off" again but it was all over the board so after up down stuff (nothing out of control just stupid talk ) I finally asked if this itching he has had is better. He said he can barely walk. Got all into telling me nothing I gave him worked etc. I said well that is a problem we can solve! I reminded him that's what mom is for. He said you mean I didn't have to go thru all this upset and we could just have had a good time. Ummmm, yes. Breaks my heart he doesn't get the connections. Both that he doesn't have to suffer and that I will help.
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    Well, Buddy, I guess at least you can say life is never boring for you :sorrysmiley:
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    Good Grief. Hope all goes well. Hugs. DDD
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    Goodness...I hope they can give him something that relieves it soon!
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    So, perfect example of my kid being so triggered by situations.... he was ok going to doctor, even what he did today at home was not a big deal. We get into the clinic to walk back and the behaviors he has started having when someone in a coat is by him started, I am going to punch you, you better... etc. doctor got the medications and we left, Q did nothing, was not out of control but just blurty like that the whole time and did not stop even when going thru the drug store where we go all the time. I walked out without the medications.
    (went back later)
    I have to think a lot about school tomorrow. We have that IEP meeting. I am just so worried he will be hell because of the itching, and then they will have all teh amo they need to do something drastic. too many players to cancel. I am making him soak and use the medication and rx hydrocortisone too so he can be more comfortable.

    True, life could be a lot more boring and I would be fine.

    It is a not so fun day.
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    Boy, it just never ends does it? I hope the stuff helps the itching. I would be nervous too about behaviors at school tomorrow. I wish there was some way to keep HIM home but you still go to the meeting. Best of both worlds if you could swing it. Good luck and don the armor!!
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    Are they sure all he needs is hydrocortisone? I have a feeling I know where the itching is and if its that bad, he is really in a bad way. Did you put anything in the bath with him? oatmeal maybe...epsom salts? Both those help me with bad itching. I get bad itching in the area I have a feeling he is itching. LOL. Though I dont think we have exactly the same equipment.
  9. buddy

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    oh you are surely right. SO I bought stuff at the drug store, the rx was for medications for what you think and he also has the rx for hydrocortisone which they said to go ahead and use.

    I am also washing all underclothes in gentle soap so every pair is soft, sigh.

    I grew up with all girls, this is new territory to me...
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    I read on something you guys eat oatmeal. If you have any, put some in a thin sock if you have one and tie it off at the end. You want the oatmeal dust to get through into the water. If you can run the oatmeal through a blender before putting it in the sock, even better. Then toss the tied sock with the oatmeal in it into the bathtub with the water is running. You cant put bubbles in the tub while he is having this rash because that could irritate the rash but this oatmeal soak could help it. Also you can get Avevo which is this oatmeal stuff just ready made. Or baby oatmeal. It soothes the skin.
  11. buddy

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    awesome! I will have to get plain oatmeal though, we have the fruit kind, dont think sugar on him would be good. I did buy soothing itch bath stuff, no perfume. HE loves soap smell so I have confiscated it all. He will be happy I have this stuff though, he loves his baths, I know I'm lucky.... I heard your stories you guys, tee hee. I hope it lasts.
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    Not to be nosy but what kind of rash did the dr diagnosis it as? There is an incredibly rare rare rash called Steven Johnsons Syndrome that can be associated with Lithium.
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    just a little private area rash.... making him pretty crazy too. Yeah, we watched out for that one with the Lamictal....but no, nothing like that. thank heaven. They thin my dad had that when he was 18 or so. was in the hospital for a long time.