Attachment Disorder

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    Very interesting to see a court pay attention to this. While it is great, and may help those who are young enough to be in the program, and lucky enough to have parents who care enough to access it (or parents who are bad enough at parenting to be caught by the court and forced to go through this), in my opinion it will likely not reach enough kids to make a substantial difference in that community, simply because there are so many kids who need help. And what about those kids over age 3 who have already sustained damage? How does the court address them, and address their parents.

    It is a fascinating report. I just wish it wouldn't take years to implement it nation wide on a scale that would really make a difference to the future of our country.

    I also wish something truly effective was available for those who have already sustained this damage.

    At least we can now prove the damage occurs - this is a HUGE thing.

    Thanks for posting.