Attention all True Blood/Sookie fans!!!

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    RSVP For: 10/22 Interview, Chat and Contest with author Charlaine Harris. True Blood and Sookie Stackouse Fans converge!

    Permission to cross post and forward granted!

    NOTE >>>This event runs for TWO HOURS from 2:00-4:00 pm Central on 10/22. The Contest runs until 11:59 pm CDT on 10/23.

    Description: Join us with author Charlaine Harris for an interview, chat and contest at She will has graciously given us two hours out of her extremely busy schedule to answer your questions. Not every question will be answered, but you are encouraged to come and read the exclusive interview she did with Bitten by Books, post questions and comment.

    She will be giving away THREE signed Sookie Stackhouse books as prizes! The contest is open to readers worldwide!

    and get 25 entries to the contest when you show up on the day of the event. If you don’t show up and mention your RSVP AND ask a question, you won’t be entered into the contest.

    Check out Charlaine’s website here and get your questions ready for Wednesday.

    Be SURE to give your friends this link: so they can RSVP too! Lets show Charlaine the love she deserves from her friends in the US and abroad!
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    Ohhhhhhhhh!!! I'm so copy pasting this to an email for easy child!!!! (I'll just forget about it lol)

    easy child LOVES those books and the author. She got me hooked on them too. Reminds me....she keeps forgetting to give me the last one she has so I can read it. I'll have to remind her. :D

    Thanks for letting us know. Cool. :)
  3. totoro

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    OMG... I miss the show and was just thinking how long until next season!!!
    I so bummed I have not had time to start reading the books I snuck out and bought!!! The first 3... tee-hee.
    Thanks SWEETIE!!!
    (I am officially calling everyone sweetie! Sookie would approve) ;)
  4. mstang67chic

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    Just a's happening tomorrow/today....depending on what time you read this! make it easier....Thursday.

    Of....if you're Marg....Friday but don't ask me what time. I haven't figured that out yet! LOL