Aubrey's Sleep Over

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    She's only been looking forward to spending the night at Nana's for forever. lol

    She totally talked my ears off. Literally. I think they're lying around here somewhere. :rofl: We watched cartoons together (she doesn't have reg tv at home) and munched popcorn. Nana let her help me cook scrambled eggs for supper. She can crack eggs pretty darn well. Nana let her play in the dishwater and left over bubbles after washing dishes.......I swear she made them last an hour! I used to do that for her when she was little. I was sort of surprised she remembered. We played those wooden paperdolls for about an hour. Nana let her play on Nickelodeon kids.....she's the only grandchild allowed as she will stay where I put her and not go randomly clicking things and is not afraid to come for help when needed. Nana let her stay up past 8pm.

    She's now hogging Nana's bed. lol

    In the morning will be pancakes for breakfast. Then maybe we'll play some Go Fish together. I was considering inviting Darrin over to play with her, but I don't think I will (unless she gets totally bored with me before Nichole comes to pick her up). Each time she visits, especially since Oliver was born, she's had to share Nana with other people. This time, I think she should get to have me all to herself and get some good ol' Nana time.

    I think I'll let her sleep over on spring break too. :)
  2. buddy

    buddy New Member

    What a great NYeve! You deserve such a fun and happy time. She sure does have a great nana!
  3. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    Lisa, I can hear the smile in your voice, and the dance in your step. Enjoy!
  4. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    That sounds wonderful Lisa! She will remember these times all of her life. Your grandkids are so lucky to have you.
  5. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    What a lovely way to spend New Year's Eve. I bet Aubrey will treasure this time forever.
  6. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    That sounds wonderful Lisa. I am hoping Tony and I can save up enough money to travel to MO for Spring Break because Keyana wont be coming back until summer. I dont think either of us can go that long.