Audio Visual Entrainment for anxiety, adhd, seizure control, etc.

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    when my son went to a charter school in Mpls (created by parents wanting alternatives for their brain injured kids, turned into a mild Learning Disability (LD) kind of school sadly they did not do well with Q in the school as much) the therapy center attached allowed for the kids to do outpatient therapies along with school therapies. It included biofeedback, and AVE AudioVisual Entrainment.

    The school/therapycenter is at: (again Q's picture is still there haha, he is under AVE title) Neurotechnology

    and the main website for this program is at: Mind Alive - Awaken the power of your mind through audio-visual entrainment, change your brainwaves using brainwave entrainment to treat ADD, SAD, insomnia, chornic pain, depression.

    The biofeedback we need to do there. but the AVE is purchased (between 350 and 550 I think, maybe more, depends on what you want) and then you can do it anywhere, at school for sensory break time, while listening to audio books, music etc.

    They now say that research is showing it helps with many things that have a neuro. connection including fibromyalgia. PTSD is also studied (I jsut talked to the director and she was just the main therapist when Q did it)

    It is not a scam or anything, they have been doing this at this center and school for over 12 years since before Q started at age 4. It did work for him and we had a unit but eventually it broke and we had moved to a different school so I didn't really go back.

    It is kind of like those programs that use sounds but it also coordinates with lights. I posted it in another spot but thought I'd put it here because many people might find it useful. I would see if they have a trial before purchasing if you can. They do that at this place.

    She said they now have county social workers and PHN's recommending it and it is included on many waivers for funding. There are multi user units now and school districts have purchased it and they she is training them.

    The units are programmed specifically to your individual needs. While the lights and sounds are on, you can patch in any music or audio that you like, if that is something you want, some like the beeps, I did.

    I am looking for suplements for Q and am going to pursue this but thought I'd share with others. I am sure it does not work for some. when he was little he was their star. He was the youngest ever and now they just had a girl of age 2 stop seizures.

    The only kind of seizure it would not be recommended for is photosensitive kinds. Q has never been triggered by lights/movies/etc.

    There is a newer addition and I dont know if it is good personallly or not... cranio-stimulant something or other. IT is on the mind site. She said we can try and if he likes it he can use it. She is willing to come to one of our core team meetings and talk to the school to teach how to use it for his sensory breaks.

    I will drive him to biofeedback sessions too.

    (PS she said she just went to PACER for a workshop and saw his big picture on the wall there so he is still there, she realized it was the same kid she put on her website, again, good thing he is cute! (I can brag since I didn't make him, haha)

    I hope he gets excited to do it again. He actually really loves any kind of progressive relaxation etc. None of it can hurt so it is ell worth the try at this point. At least I dont want to look back and say I didn't give it a chance when I could so that is my motivation right now.... I really want to help my kiddo right now. They said he was banging his head today, he used to do that when little. I am hoping it is just this transition again. (and also hoping they are not missing seizure signs, that is when he did it when little)