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    Not at all surprising but very interesting. Totally matches what the Occupational Therapist (OT) reports were saying and goals developed so insurance can't argue very much! They are not clinics that work together so not like they knew of each other's ideas....

    He shows a huge discrepancy between right and left. When he listens with his right ear things are pretty much above the cut off on every test. Left ear is far far below, barely able to process things. He is unable to match or describe pitches...high versus low and he does show he understands the concept so it is not that....he just can't hear it. (this all makes sense given the right temporal lobe injury). using both ears, he is exquisitely sensitive to background noise frequencies and overwhelmed and unable to sort through to hear speech frequencies and sounds. When he has to listen to two different things at the same time he is completely unable to tell you what he hears.

    Since he was young one of the biggest triggers that has always been noted is that he becomes agitated if more than one person is talking at a time. He can't handle it and will get super frustrated and tell people to shut up. His symptoms and behaviors are 100% consistent with the results of this evaluation. His Occupational Therapist (OT) results were also that his left and right brain are having a hard time communicating and integrating information and this so they are working in bi-lateral communication.

    I told Snoopy that a weird thing happened. The NR therapy she was discussing actually was being discussed at the clinic where I took Q for his auditory evaluation...(also where he gets the AVE and neurofeedback, used to go there for Occupational Therapist (OT) and speech too but too far for us for that many appointments so we do another one now). When we arrived I saw signs that said they were doing their evaluations today. While I was waiting for Q in the waiting room, the clinic director/his neurofeedback therapist came out and introduced me to the lady who does it and I told her I had just talked to a woman in an another state about this yesterday. the therapist said she had mentioned Q to her earlier thinking he would be a good candidate. I just thought it was so weird how it all turned out. We have maxed our budget this year and have so much going on I wont be doing it now but I will investigate and put it into the budget for next year since she comes quarterly. They do free workshops so I will go to those.

    Anyway, back to the audiologist. She said the fm system is perfect for him and she is going to write how this impacts him in the real world with ideas for modifications for him in school. She said for him because it is so based on integration and the difference between left and right working with the Occupational Therapist (OT) is priority one then we can add things as we go.

    We are on the right track and I got what I wanted, someone to confirm that he is not just being a brat when these people drive the koi out of him when they talk at the same time and all the rest. They so underestimate the impact of his brain injury. Makes me crabby but I am hoping a fresh school??? maybe they will listen.

    Oh by the way, re: the school stuff... I have heard NOTHING and that gives us tomorrow before break so I doubt he is starting after break if he is starting at all.
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    WOW!! MORE validation! How awesome is that!?!

    As for the school thing, make sure EVERYONE knows that he will NOT start at a new place without ever having seen it. If he's accepted, let the new school know about your concerns and set up whatever needs to be set up before he starts and THEN tell the (old) school that homebound will continue until all is fully set to go at the new one.

    You're almost to the top of that mountain. I'm hoping, praying, pretzeling and rattling that the boulder doesn't push you back down again. Keep looking up!!!
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    This is true and probably wise.

    Stop it... this isn't "if". It's WHEN. even if it takes until next September, there WILL be ways to survive. You WILL get there.
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    Great news, you got more answers and therefor to help Q. Isn't it great when it is confirmed that it's not all in your head?!
    Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) is still something I'm trying to understand. It is incredibly complicated and the impact is so HUGE.
    Q is lucky to have such a warrior Mom who does not leave any stone unturned.
    It would be so easy to dismiss it and say Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is the reason to all the problems, or even worse saying it is a behavioral issues.
    Hopefully the new school will be smarter than that.