Autism AND Bipolar

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    We saw our psychiatrist the other day. We see the psychiatrist pretty often for medication checks but lately they consist of just more than a medication check but also trying to figure out what the hell is going on with difficult child#1. He has ALWAYS been aggressive (he has been on Risperdal since he was 5) but it has escalated to hitting husband and I all of the time along with becoming even more violent towards his youngest brother. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around him. He is NEVER happy unless he is in complete control of everyone in this house. I am simply worn out with him. I have posted before about the behaviors my other children are exhibiting- wondering if it's them who might be bipolar and what not. At this point I believe it's his behavior that is causing them to act out. It honestly never even crossed my mind that difficult child#3 could be bipolar. I figure every negative behavior he has exhibited are all because of Autism but according to our psychiatrist his behaviors are more psychotic and suggest that he could possibly be bipolar. He has started him on Lithium which he will take 2x a day and then we go back in 2 weeks for another medication check and I think he said something about bloodwork.

    Has anyone else dealt with these two combinations of diagnosis? I don't necessarily doubt the BiPolar (BP) diagnosis. My father is BiPolar (BP) and I also exhibit the symptoms of it as well. I see the symptoms of mania which I see VERY often in him (daily) but he isn't very low or depressed very often. I just still wonder if those are purely things that come from having Autism. I really have no idea. :sigh:

    And like I said earlier, he has been on Risperdal forever. We have increased, changed dosages, but it has little effect on him. He takes it 2x a day. He also takes Luvox 2x a day but is still as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as ever. It's hard to believe that this drug might actually work.
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    Wow, I wish I knew what to tell you. I do know that yes, autism and bipolar CAN coexist. It is certainly more likely if there is a family history of BiPolar (BP). Just like autism, BiPolar (BP) is a huge spectrum as well. I once worked for a man who was diagnosed as BiPolar (BP) but he was stuck in mania - RARELY dipped into the depressive end and when he did, it was short and a temporary phase. Apparently he had lived that way most of his life until his businesses started failing. The mania went into overdrive and his wife got him committed. Only then did he get the diagnosis. Lithium helped him a LOT. Unfortunately, he was already in his 50's so although the medications were good and right for him, his new 'normal' made it difficult for him to run his restaurants - he no longer had his manic drive that had gotten him through life.

    Wish I knew something more relevant, but am sending out positive thoughts to you.
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    Just going to throw something out here that I have experienced personally with my difficult child. My difficult child is on the autism spectrum. The psychiatrist put him on risperdal to "help with the autistic anxiety". What ended up happening is that the risperdal made things sooooo much worse that he had become very psychotic. It started so gradually that it took time to realize he was having a paradoxical reaction to the risperdal. We d/c'd the risperdal and within 6-8 weeks, those severe behaviors disappeared.

    Don't know if that helps or not but it might be time to take him off the risperdal since it's not helping anyway and see of the "psychotic" stuff stops. If it were me, I would not immediately replace it with something else. Anyway, that's just from my experience.
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    Mine is Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and bi-polar. We also had a nasty experience with risperdal, it landed her in the psychiatric hospital. We're doing better tweaking the current mix, I won't put her on anything that requires blood draws except as a last resort because the mere mention of such can throw her anxiety so high she becomes dangerously aggressive.