Autism Spectrum Disorder training for staff

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by PollyParent, Oct 11, 2007.

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    I've tried searching the forums and am not finding the results I wanted.

    Some time ago I remember reading a post from a mother (I think it was Sheila?) who put together a web site for her child, with the specific purpose of requiring all staff to have read it before starting work with her child.

    Can someone help me find that?

    I am putting all my paperwork in order for an annual IEP (next week -- gah!), and need to have a similar sort of checklist in place. It is still shocking to me how little training my "team" has in conduct disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), even though they are mandated to have this in place.


    On the other hand, by way of an update, we have stumbled into an educational program which seems to be working (YAY!) for my son. Now I have to describe it, codify it, attach some reasonable and measurable goals to it, and present it to the team. Less than a week. Yeah, no problem.
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    If this is the one you are writing about, it wasn't a "requirement." lol

    But I did refer a couple of educators to it more than once, e.g., as we've discussed previously, please refer to XXX for more information.

    Most appreciated the information being so readily handy; a couple took offense to mom's expectations.
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    Yes, thank you, that was it.

    In terms of a requirement, the reason I was looking for it was that the law says that staff needs to be trained in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Someone made the suggestion to me that since staff is not trained, and since staff is obviously working with him, then it could be a discussion in the IEP for me to designate what sorts of trainings, websites, books, etc. I want staff to have FOR THIS YEAR ONLY in lieu of training.

    Worried that this impinges on son's legal rights to have trained staff working with him, but I am still trying to cobble together resources for staff and work out how to require them to read up on conduct disorders and social skills awareness.

    Thanks, Sheila.