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I am new to the forum here not sure if this is the right board to ask questions!! My son is 9 diagnosed with autism age 3. My son has not looked at his sister (12 NT) for 15 months i thought at the time that this was a phase with him which maybe would last a few weeks or few months. Life at home right now is a constant struggle my son avoids her anyway he can and takes to staying in his bedroom he is only happy when she is out the house. He is highly anxious,impulsive, moody and doesnt want anything to do with her at all although i persuade him to come out of his room depending on his mood he will come and have a quick game of chase with her but gets really upset if she tries to chase him for longer although that would not be a problem if he was playing with me. I am a single parent and he is not settled with anyone coming into the house including family and although limited verbally he will say "nanny get out" or whoever is in the house and will actually be hanging around to see that they have gone then he seems to be settled again. He does not like to have a lift in any one's car and will get distressed by this hands on ears and difficult behaviour although he will happily get into a taxi no problems. With immediate family he would quite happily enjoy his cousins over to the house and would want his 7 year old cousin to sleep over but now he cannot bear him and will scream for him to "get out" the house even just on hearing him.

I am absolutely at my wits end. His autistic school also said that one boy in his class he cannot bear and carries on with the same behaviour as his sister, now that stems back to the boy coming to our house with his mum over 1 year ago but it has now been affecting him in school these past few months and very obsessive constantly mornings will say to me no christoper.

He has now been referred to a clinical psychologist to observe him at home and especially with his sister as he has no interaction with her for 15 months.

I have been surfing the net and to me it seems it may be a personality disorder.

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good morning, mousie, & welcome to the board. i see you're an early bird like me. the rest of the gang will be checking in soon & hopefully they will have some suggestions.

i don't know all that much about autism, but i do know it has a wide spectrum. can you tell us where he is on the spectrum? it also sound like he's attending a school for the autistic maybe? besides having an in home therapist do they have any other suggestions?

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Welcome mousie, I'm glad you found us.

This sounds like social anxiety that has had some serious impact on functioning in the home and is now creeping over to the school environment. In addition to involving a behavioralist, have you considered checking out medications for anxiety? The right medication can significantly reduce anxiety for kids.


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I'm guessing it's part of the autism. My son is Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified, and the kids are constant puzzles.


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I do not know much about this level of autism, either.

It seems to me if you have someone helping/teaching you how to deal with him, the best way to raise him, how to get him as independent as he may ever be, etc. they should be able to help you with this. If you do not have someone that is doing all of the above with/for you - get someone. I think it is crucial with autisic kids to have very specific intervention. Getting to understand them is pretty difficult. I am sure you already know that. His relationship with his sister would be my main concern. And it seems a professional could help you and your daughter figure out a way to improve that relationship.

I no way am I saying we can not help you here. We sure are supportive to parents with difficult children.



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Thanks everyone for your comments!

My son is at the lower end of the spectrum Classic Autism and does attend an Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) school using pecs system. He has been referred because school dont know what to do about it they have sister's pictures in school but that doesnt change anything he may look, but in the actual situation he wont look half covers eyes. That is why he is being referred to psychologist also school dr. had put on his referral form melatonin which she now understands is not the case as when he is asleep he does sleep maybe the odd waking of shouting mummy but sleep is fine. I think he needs anxiety medicine he also doesnt focus well on his homework like he used to.

Just wasnt sure if it was all to do with his autism and other disorder as he was so laidback and a happy child also puberty is coming along so maybe this is also an issue.