Autoimmne Paleo Diet / FODMAP Diet?

Oh. That's how life goes, right? Solve one challenge and run smack into the next one. Unlike cow dairy, the goad dairy industry is small - so, they only have full-fat products. You might get away with TINY amounts for flavor...

Unfortunately even tiny amounts of full fat products make me nauseous. I tried coconut milk a while ago and got so sick. I had no idea fruits could be so high in fat too. I'm just going to have to go cold turkey on the dairy I think. I'm just not ready. :sad-very:


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This thread is so interesting. I am learning so much I did not know and am feeling so less alone with my dietary quirkiness. Sad and Frustrated, you expressed the bane of my dietary life, knowing what is good for you but wanting with your whole heart that very same thing. And choosing with open eyes to go for it, whatever the cost. i

Reading it in black and white gives me the sense that knowing exactly what it is--this battle--gives me a chance of actually taking charge and deciding to do what is good for me. A chance, not a certainty--that I will do i.
I thought I had some undiscovered disease because the weight just fell off without me trying. I thought I was dying. :)
But I missed milk in my coffee, and I missed pizza with cheese and calzones but I resented the fact that I had to give them up and started consuming them again.
This is so touching...the very thing that was allowing you to live fully and healthily you feared was hurting even killing you.

We are so confused sometimes.

I never heard of FODMAP. The MAP part. I googled it and will investigate.

I even crave Splenda. They say it is worse. I cannot accept living without it. But this morning in my coffee I forgot to put it, and for a second I entertained the idea that I could withdraw it, and quickly put in my two bags. It frightened me to lose my Splenda.

I want to close with one thing: When I was living in Latin America I was very, very active. I typically ate in restaurants.

So this is the interesting part: I had complete control of my cravings. I could eat some bread. I could finish with a little bit of ice cream. And stop. Not crave more. (The beauty of many restaurants in Brasil is that you pay by the kilo, or portion of it. A much better concept.)

I am wondering now the why of it. How would physical activity act to limit and govern cravings?

The other piece of it is that for me, while I desire meat and vegetables, I do not lose control with anything other than complex carbohydrates. M thinks I am very carnivorous. Yet my love, my yearning is for breads, pastries, pies, cookies, cakes. Except I cannot make cookies because I eat every single one.

I think we are getting somewhere, Ladies.

Thank you very much.


PS I adore pizza. But I can stop. Go figure.


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PS I adore pizza. But I can stop. Go figure.
Sure I'll "go figure" for you.
Yes, pizza has flour made into bread dough. But it is also loaded with veggies, meat (optional) and cheese. The veggies are slower work to digest than the bread. The meat is protein, which slows things down again. And cheese is typically also fairly high in fat as well as protein. So... pizza is a more balanced "meal" than, say, bread and jam - which is all fairly simple carb, nothing to slow things down at all.


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Reading through this thread made me realize what my Difficult Child goes through with drug addiction. I realized I am addicted to the foods that are not good for me. Even though I know I probably would feel so much better without those foods, I still go back and eat them. A couple of years ago, I found out I am allergic to dairy and soy. I crave foods with them in it. I have tried numerous times to go dairy free and I keep failing.

Scent of Cedar *

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Good Morning, Everyone


So, I awakened needing to use my inhaler last night again. This is what I had throughout the day:


two soft boiled eggs with butter
half a grapefruit

canned salmon

Windsor whiskey at Happy Hour with water

Italian sausage
olive oil

peas and carrots

plain Greek yogurt

So, I wonder which were the offending foods. There was a slight reaction to the canned salmon. I had maybe half a cup of it. We are trying to do protein for lunch and we had the salmon here and it was easy, so I did it. D H had some, too. The can states wild caught Alaskan salmon and salt and nothing else. Product of United States.

I did have a slight reaction to it, nonetheless. Not an inhaler reaction, but one of those reactions where you know things aren't just right.

I have been wondering lately about raw spinach. Whether I am allergic to that, now.

The Windsor I have every day. (I know. Bad Cedar :O) Coffee is a problem, and probably the Coffeemate, too. Oh, rats. I almost did not have coffee this morning.

Then, I came to my senses.


I will have to give it up again, I suppose. The point is that I drink it every morning, and do not always have to use my inhaler in the night. So, it was something else that caused the reaction. Something I can do without way easier than coffee.

I hope and believe.



Italian Sausage I can eat without reaction. Same with onions.

So, it has to have been the spinach, or the peas.

Peas are like legumes. I cannot do legumes and have my suspicions about peas.

We are trying to incorporate enough food so that we are not hungry after dinner and making popcorn which I also cannot eat.

Very frustrating.

So, I will stop spinach, canned salmon, and peas.

Beets could be added; coleslaw could be added.

I don't know what we are going to eat for lunch. We are going to try salami and olives and provolone. Those things do not seem to bother me the way you would think they would, as long as I do not have bread with them.

I can eat hot dogs and bratwurst, as long as I don't have a bun, and not have a reaction.

Fat seems to be no problem for me and in fact, I crave a certain amount of it.

Pizza I cannot do. I do sometimes, anyway.

When we go North? There is pizzeria there run by an Italian family for generations, now. The best pizza ever is served at that restaurant. I ate so much pizza there one time last summer that we could never go there again because I could hardly breath that night and for a day or two later.

It was worth it.

So we will keep working on what else it is we are allergic to and plan on a pizza with all the things we love and as much as we want for next summer. (In my case.) Donuts are not worth it, compared to pizza. That might be a way to stop eating donuts. If that darn D H would just stop buying them.

But he is getting so skinny. I don't blame him.

I am getting too skinny, too.


Now you know everything.
Good morning!

Cedar, I'm sorry you're having problems. I too have been living with my inhaler handy not because of anything I've eaten but because I have a head cold, plus it's Fall and all those damn deciduous trees are dropping their allergen producing leaves in my air space. :)

So, I will stop spinach, canned salmon, and peas.

If it is sulfites, all of the above foods are high in sulfur which is converted by the body to sulfites before being broken down. So are legumes.

Whiskey is fermented.. which means more sulfites.

Popcorn.... do you make it from popcorn kernels in a pot the old fashioned way or is it from a microwavable bag? If it's the latter.. it may not be the popcorn that you're sensitive to but all the other stuff they put in that bag to keep it fresh. Buy a bag of popcorn kernels, heat up a large pot with a little bit of oil and pop them the old fashioned way. If you don't react, then you know it's the microwavable popcorn that you're reacting too. FYI. popping corn is very noisy and loud. You're house will sound like a war zone as the popped corn hit's the metal pot.

When we go North? There is pizzeria there run by an Italian family for generations, now. The best pizza ever is served at that restaurant. I ate so much pizza there one time last summer that we could never go there again because I could hardly breath that night and for a day or two later.

Some pizzeria's buy their dough from outside sources and they'll contain dough conditioners so it doesn't go bad.. and those dough conditioners are sulfite laden, of course. Plus they probably use a bleached flour so it's nice and white which means more sulfites.
Same with the hot dog bun. Real honest to goodness bread get's hard after a day. This junk that they sell in the stores last's forever without getting hard because it's filled with preservatives.

and speaking of coffee, it's time for my second cup. :)


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I vote "coffeemate" as being a problem.

Peas - could be, and yes they are a legume.
Could also be butter - not because it's "fat" but because it's "dairy". Some people can handle butter and not other dairy, and others can't.