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    How awesome that she was able to find the problem! She is a truly inspiring young woman. I would be thrilled to have her as my nurse or doctor after she finishes her education.

    The wide range of courses available to our kids is astounding. I can NOT imagine what the doctor, or my teachers, would have said if I requested my slides from a medical procedure. This was the right combination of teacher with an open mind and student with drive and determination to find answers. Together they had a total success!

    Sadly, it has been my experience more than once that we have to be our own diagnosticians much of the time. Especially if the "we" is comprised of the female part of the world. And the diagnosis process doesn't get easier. But with-o this diagnosis there would be slim to no chance that the right treatment would have been given to this patient.

    Here is to hoping we can raise our kids to be driven to work hard and think outside the box to solve problems. Can you even imagine the incredible things that could be accomplished if our difficult children devoted even half of the time and energy currently spent breaking the rules on helping other people.

    The possibilities are endless! I hope this young woman's story can inspire other young people to get really involved in their health.
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    I find it odd that a doctor couldn't even suggest Chron's. It's much more common than you think. I have 2 family members with it, one having a total colostomy at age 16, the other not so severe.

    The one went to John Hopkins in Minneapolis at age 40 for an experimental treatment. She is now, 10 years later a college graduate, working and thriving from the treatment. No one would have ever thought that was possible. She still wears the bag and all, but can at least be a part of the world...not lying in a hospital bed most of the time.

    Kudos for the girl taking her own health in her hands. Maybe she'll teach a doctor or two something.

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    Susie and Abbey, I agree!