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I had the 2nd epidural steroid shot in my neck today. It was awful. My blood pressure was very low on the first machine and fairly normal for me on the second. They said they could not give me any pain medications but could do the shot. given it would take a month to reschedule and this is the middle of a 3 shot series to be followed by surgery if this doesn't work, I went ahead. They said it would not be too bad. Given some people do sedation for knee shots that are no big deal, I agreed. this was NOT like the epidural for having a kid. Those (and I had 3 of them) did NOT grind or burn.

The doctor was impressed as all heck, and so was the staff. I didn't flinch, tense up, or jump when it got bad. THey heard me make a noise when it got bad, sort of a very long yelp, but I figured moving or tensing in any way would make it worse. It hurts like you would not believe now too. very inflamed in the area, VASTLY more than the last time. So I am going to bed.

If ANYONE tries to talk you into one of these with just numbing medicine, say NO!!! Run if you have to! It is NOT worth it. I was MUCH better after the first shot with sedation, almost no pain like this. Very little swelling too.

At least I don't have to start all over. That is a good thing.


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I've had the shots in my neck several times for herniated cervical discs. I had no numbing medicine either and they are not fun, but it was tolerable. I remember that the first few days after getting the shots, my neck was pretty painful and I wondered if I did the right thing. Eventually I would get some relief, but not for that long of time so I found it not "cost effective" painwise to get the actual shot. Hope you get some relief!


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Owwww! I can't even imagine! I had two in my lower spine, literally almost in my butt, and even though I was really doped up, I remember it being unpleasant. (Of course, the position they put you in for that area isn't exactly dignified, making it worse.) I lucked out and never even went back for the 3rd injection and that was years ago. I hope you get as lucky and won't need the surgery!


Bless you Susie. I have had those before too. With and without sedation. I definitely prefer with. A lot of it has to do with the skill of the doctor doing it to. If they did not tell you, youse have more pain for about a week after the injection, until the medications absorb. Hope you are feeling better soon.