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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ShakespeareMamaX, Nov 3, 2007.

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    So....I went to the pediatrician, like the school so insisted.

    I had a list of questions for her.... (why would my son be on wellbutrin, are there any other medications to offer? do you have any referrals? can you do bloodwork to find out why the past medications didn't work? etc...)

    Know what she said?

    Talk to the psychiatrist. Call him.

    Then, she gave me a ref for my difficult child to get a lead test (my request).


    I would surely LOVE to get the school psychiatrist, psychologist, pediatrician, school psychologist, teacher, principal, social worker and detention teacher in the same room and see where the fingers point. All these people are doing are sending me in circles!

    It's OK, though. I just received my packet from "CPAC" (www.cpacinc.org). There's a lot of info written by a lawyer and many many referrals, hints and tips are in there to help fight this the correct way and the best way as to not destroy my child in the process.

    I recommend this to anyone.. It's a CT org, but they may have out of state resources, as well. On Monday, I'll be calling to get an advocate. I almost can't wait.

    You guys really know what you're talking about, though. All the certified mail, getting things signed, dating everything, copying EVERYthing... I would have never even thought this would be such a brutal battle. With such an involved parent, you'd think they'd be ecstatic and throwing themselves at my/our needs.

    I was advised by CPAC to write a letter requesting an emergency PPT. I'll let you all know how this goes and how long they make me wait for this one...

    Peace to all... :cool-dog:
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    Glad you found a helpful resource!

    Wishing you success with the SD!!
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    My pediatrician won't diagnose psychiatric or neurological disorders like autism either--it's really not their forte. I'd go to the Psychiatrist and see what he says. I got the "circle" too, but it lead me to the neuropsychologist who was worth all the others put together. Sometimes it takes time. I would ignore who the school points their finger at and ask them when they got their degrees in Psychiatry and Neuropsycology. I did that once...teehee. The teacher never bothered me again. We DID use an advocate. We also called the Dept. of Public Instruction in our state and it was like lighting a fire under their butts.