Baby boy name suggestions for my daughter

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    Since Julie and her SO have been hoping for a baby for a few years, they've been talking about names for a few years. A girl name was easy. If it's a girl, it will be Kylie Jade. Daughter wanted Jade as the first name, but is indulging her SO. Well, the problem is if it's a boy and, although this is early, I'm so excited that I'm trying to think of names for her to throw at her SO for a boy. He doesn't like any boys names. Well, he did come up with Bartholemew and Guy, both which Daughter said "No" to!!! He has nixed Aiden, Connor, Thomas, and my favorite, Alex.

    Any suggestions? I'll text her with them! Both of us are having small Thanksgivings and will have time to communicate today or else if anyone suggests a new name at any time, I will text it to her. It has become a fun game for us. Find a name that her SO likes.

    (Julie said that if SO continues to be difficult and it's a boy, she will tell him that he picked the girl's name so she is going to pick the boys name! But she'd rather have him like the name too.)
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    How about Jayden or Jayson?
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    with Kyle for the middle name
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    There's a million names, but the best advice we got was about HOW to pick names.
    - be gender-obvious
    - be spelling-obvious
    - try shouting the name out your back door 20 times in a row and see if you still like it
    - make sure the initials don't have meaning (Kyle Kramer Katz = KKK = big trouble from other kids at school)
    - consider all the possible nick-names that go with it, and whether you can live with them - I'd never use Richard, because one of the short forms is Dick

    All of this is out of consideration for the KID, more than the parents... it's the kid who is stuck with the name "forever".
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    Andrew Benjamin
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    As IC says, please be gender obvious and spelling obvious. I don't know how many times I've avoided calling a child by name because I can't pronounce it or am not sure if said child is male or female.

    With that said, I've always liked the name Alan. Hubby likes Trevor or Tanner.
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    I have always thought my boys would be named James or Paul or Philip or Zachary or Jason if we were English speaking.

    But I'm not one to ask from . My other son has a name that is rather common in many languages and English version has some nasty nicknames. And my other one has a name that in most part of the world is boy's name but for some reason people in USA tend to give it also, and even more so, to girls. And it is even spelled similar way (pronounced a bit differently though.) :bigsmile:
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    I'm with Malika. I love the name Ryan. In fact, it's difficult child's name.

    How about Kyle since he likes Kylie?

    I prefer old fashioned type names like David, Steven, Paul, Joshua, Luke. I really hate the trend to names like Harry and Max, they remind me of the old Jewish relatives in my family.

    I picked names that were classic but not overwhelmingly common. I wanted names that people would recognize but not ones that had 15 other kids with the same name in the grade, so no Matthew or Jason (which I guess now is Jaden). I also had to pick middle names and then Hebrew names and had to name each of them after 2 different people. Only my easy child has a first name which is more uncommon although the week he was born, I heard of a baby girl having the same name. His name is the most unique of the kids. daughter's name is, interestingly, is shared by a couple of male athletes and it's not Alex.
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    Jackson. It's my seven month old grandson's name. We think he's kind of cute and like the name a lot.
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    I don't actually particularly like Ryan (sorry, svengandhi :) ) I just thought MWM's daughter's partner might like it - kind of wild guess in the dark... Like some of you, I prefer traditional kind of names, I guess.

    One boy's name I do really like is Luke.
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    Thank you, all of you.

    Believe it or not, SO has already nixed every name you all came up with, and they were lovely names. I really, really like Andrew Benjamin, Ryan, and Kyle. Yes, I also mentioned Kyle since it is close to Kylie, but he didn't like that either. My daughter did text me today that he is getting used to That is her first preference but so far he hasn't liked it.
    I think part of the problem is that SO really, really wants a girl :) Actually, of course all of us want a healthy child first and foremost and, of course, for Julie to carry this child to term (crossing fingers). But if it is a healthy child, of course we would love a boy to pieces, but I think everyone in the family would prefer a girl.
    Suzir, there are many boys names that are now girls names and vice versa here!! When I was a bus aide, I was told we'd have a new child on the bus named Ryan. I kept looking for a new little boy, but there wasn't any new kid. Finally the bus driver saidl, "Ryan is a girl." It is actually Rian, but pronounced exactly like Ryan.
    Julie hasn't mentioned any boy names for girls and I know Geoff will strongly nix any girl names for boys so the name of the child will definitely be obviously a boy's or girl's name. However, Geoff does want to spell Kylie is some funky way...I'm not sure how :)
    I will keep texting over any suggestions. Julie and I are both getting a good laugh out of this.
    Malika, I love the name Luke, but it is already Sonic's I don't see any real reason to not use it anymore, since he is legal and his last name isn't posted here.
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    Cole. Bentley. Malcolm.
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    Thanks. I will forward them. I like Bentley!!!
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    If Rose had been a boy, "he" would have been Nathan Joseph. I also like Michael, Matthew, Jonathan, James, David, Timothy, Allen, Erik, and Jakob.

    I had a customer come in once - he made the appointment and his name was Kwentin Kevin Kline, and no I am NOT lying. He came in and I about fell over - he was the biggest (think football player but military uniform) African-American I had EVER seen. He correctly interpreted the look of my face and told me his parents had a TWISTED sense of humor.

    A really good friend's initials are QED. He's very smart, so it works.
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    AnnieO, well, I love Matthew but SO said I wonder about Micah. That's another name I like. Don't know if Julie likes it, and don't know if Geoff would. Will have to text and

    Jumper's favorite boy's name is Jackson, but we have one in the family. Jumper also likes Owen (I don't!!!). She is going to text her Owen. I don't know if I could get used to that....
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    The challenge is on... can we find a name that MWM's daughter's partner likes?! Or will even consider!

    How about:


    Okay, my creative energy is spent. I give up now :)
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    My favorite boy name is Keller and would have been our name if we had a 4th! Gaelic for "little companion"

    If I had dictorial power over our kids' names - they would be called Jaime (James), Duncan and Trevor. difficult child's middle names is James but h nixed the other names.

    Other boys names I love: Spencer, Brady, Cameron, Louis
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    I am texting her this I doubt he'll go for any bibical names. He and Daughter are very spiritual but not religious. But I can try.

    I think girls names are so much easier than boys names. I went through this same thing with my ex. We almost got divorced over the Ex wanted a very simple name and I wanted a more unusual name. In the end, all our kids have simple names because I gave