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    OK, so Portlanders get a little sentimental about our elephants. In 1962 Packy was the first Asian Elephant born in the Western hemisphere in 44 years. He is the largest Asian Elephant in the US, weighing in at 13,500 pounds. He has fathered 7 of his own calves, out of the 28 others born at the zoo in those years. I remember seeing Packy when he was just a little guy, and it was huge news! The Oregon Zoo has the most successful Elephant breeding program in the world.

    Rose Tu, who was born at the zoo in 1994, had a baby two weeks ago. It was her first, and at first she didn't know what it was or what to do with it, so she had to be seperated from him for the first two days until the zookeepers and her zoo sisters helped her figure it out. Here's a video of her and her baby getting the first check up.
    OMG, it is so cute!

    Elephant baby names are always selected by the public, and I thought that you guys might like to help out. You can vote online (and see the photos!) until next Thursday.

    I have got to tell you, those babies are just the most adorable things! Steely, if you make it up to our area this fall or winter, we will definitely have to go see the baby. I am voting for "Samudra". They will call him "Sam" for short.
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    I think elephants are one of my favorites to see and watch, they're so social. I remember riding one when I was little, I have not seen many elephant rides anymore though, too much liability is my guess.
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    Elephants just fascinate me ... their intelligence and their social structure are amazing! Witz, I'm sending you an elephant-related PM. That's gotta be a "first" for the CD board!
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    I love elephants. I'm an elephant nut.

    Such an adorablle baby. :D
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    Elephants are my favorite animal. Period. Love their level of intelligence.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    There is a wildlife sanctuary in Oregon, and occasionally they go out and give elephant rides. The kids and I rode one on Mt. Hood at Timberline Lodge one time when we took a day trip. They're huge and lumpy!
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    easy child wants to go back to the cincy zoo soon. I always head for the elephants first. :D Then the otters. They used to have an elephant ride, but I don't recall seeing it last time we were there, so maybe they don't anymore. Kids had a blast riding one when they were little.
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    OMG just adorable - I voted for Sumundra -

    I liked the Lord of the Bath idea....

    My second choice was Amul -