Baby Emily is HERE!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by joneshockey, Apr 8, 2011.

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    Good Morning Everyone!

    Sorry that I haven't posted over the last few days, but Emily arrived on Tuesday April 5 @ 12:36 PM. She is 7lbs. 4oz. and 19 inches long. We just got home yesterday at 4:00 and as you can imagine I have been VERY busy! I am just getting ready to take her for a blood draw at the hospital so I will post pictures and give everyone more info later.

    I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!

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  3. everywoman

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    Congrats---I know you a busy with a new baby. What a blessing.
  4. JJJ

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    Congrats! Welcome to the world Emily!
  5. Rabbit

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    Hugs Rabbit
  6. busywend

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    Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Enjoy her!!!!

    Give her a snuggle from me!
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    Welcome Baby Emily!!! And Congratulations Cindy!!!
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    Welcome to the world, Emily!

    Hugs for you, Mama Cindy.
  10. Jody

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    Congratulations Cindy, can't wait to see pictures.
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    :bravo::congrats::dance::jumphappy::woohoo: And CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  12. susiestar

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    Congratulations!!!!!! Sending lots of hugs and prayers for a wonderful, healthy, happy long life for the entire family!!!!!

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  14. DDD

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    Welcome little easy child Emily! DDD
  15. slsh

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    Yeah!!!!! Glad she got here safe and sound! She's a lovely size. I'm hoping things are looking good with- kidneys.

    So.... I guess you got out of the b-day party???? :rofl:

    Congrats - I'm just tickled pink (ewwwww, a pun) for you. ;)
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    Happy Birthday, Emily. Congrats Mom. Cannot wait to see pictures of your little one, Cindy.
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    A big CONGRATS to you and your family!! Welcome to the World Baby Emily!
  18. Hound dog

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    Welcome to the Family Baby Emily!!!

    Well thank goodness that part of the worrying is over. I'm sure you're busy with our lil bundle of joy. Can't wait to see pics! Give her snuggles and smoochies from me! :bigsmile:
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    Congratulations on your brand new baby girl! :congratualtions:
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    Congrats !!! Welcome to the world Baby Emily !!!!! :beautifulthing: