Baby Shirts with Cute Sayings

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    Some of these are truly cute. Spit Warning may be needed. Depends on your sense of humor. Some are cruder than I would like, but the funnier ones made up for it. You may want to see these before letting your kids see them, depending on your kids and other factors, Know what I mean?? But for us adults, the ones at the end make up for the coarser ones at the beginning, in my opinion.

    My faves are the last 4. I won't list them here. I will say that the dinosaur one would have been AWESOME for Wiz had we known when he was a baby about how fascinated he would have been with dinosaurs. He even corrected a museum exhibit at age 4, lol! The curator was horrified that we would ALLOW him to challenge an exhibit, because of course museum exhibits have all their facts perfect. When we insisted he look it up anyway boy did he start apologizing to us, and to Wiz!!

    When you see the shirt you will understand the anecdote about the museum. Maybe I should get the shirt and put it up for whenever the boy does get around to having kids (if he does).

    What would you think is funny on a shirt for a baby? Favorite t shirt saying for adults?

    (My fave holiday funny shirt is one that looks like Santa's shirt with dead bugs on it - like on a windshield or sleigh after a long ride. Second is a black cat that looks like one my parents were owned by - wrapped in Christmas tree lights.)
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    um... what shirts? Was there meant to be a link?

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    #11 would have been the right one for kiddo. And #12, she also loves dinos, and because I do as well, I'd have gotten it for her, lol.
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    I wanted to get Maddie one that says "I found my daddy on the Maury show." Son #2 thought it was funny, K didn't.
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    easy child found some geek t-shirts online which she bought difficult child 3 for Christmas. I suspect she also bought one for when she gets pregnant - it says, "loading - please wait".