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    In the morning easy child and I go to my niece's baby shower. When I got the invite I started picking up things from the places she has registered. I picked up some more last night. I got to looking at the receipts and can not believe how much I have spent.

    I just keep getting into those baby departments and can't stop myself. It is like an addiction. I do have one last thing to buy. husband rolled his eyes at me. I have to get her a DR. Seuss book. He looked at me and said didn't you buy a bunch of those last Christmas? I said "yes that is for the charity that gives kids books for Christmas that might not get much."

    So I just can't resist the baby stuff. And truthfully my niece lost her first child 2 years ago. Still birth. This pregnancy has been super high risk. I keep thinking I wish I could do more.

    I also told easy child my rational was that the gifts were from two people so then it was better right?

    Baby addiction. Scary thing.

    Hi my name is beth and I am a baby addict.
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    Beth, I'm convinced that the manufacturers put something in baby stuff to draw us in and get us hooked. Maybe it's new-baby-smell, maybe it's just ultra-cuteness. But whatever it is, it's awfully hard to resist.

    Little hats with bunny ears. Diaper shirts with teddy bears. Tiny little cardigan sweaters, just like grandpa used to wear only smaller. And those adorable little shoes! (As if a baby who won't walk for another 12 months needs shoes!)

    As husband says, the baby won't care if he's dressed in a tea towel. They make this stuff for the MOMS.

    Saying prayers and sending positive thoughts to your niece that all goes well with her pregnancy and new baby-to-be.

    As for you, Ms. Baby Addict, maybe we need to start a support group or a 12-step program or something. 'Cause I'm a confessed baby addict too.

  3. DammitJanet

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    Another self-confessed baby addict!

    I cannot pass the baby isle without sticking at least one item in the cart for the girls. The first year of Keyana's life I bought so much Now I get by with it because I justify it saying that all my purchases will be handmedowns to Hailie. Kids this age dont wear the clothes out, they outgrow them.
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    I can think of worse things. LOL
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    Beth, I started doing that when my daughter found out she was pregnant last summer. I started buying up just little things that they would need like t-shirts, crib sheets, blankets, socks, little onesies, a little bitty very soft Pooh Bear. And the first things I got were all neutral colored - white or yellow or green, until they found out that he was a boy, then the rest is all boy stuff. I wrapped each item up seperately in blue or pink tissue and put it in a bigger box and wrapped that up, and sent it to them for Christmas! There must have been 50 different little individual packages in that big box and they had an absolute blast opening it all up at Christmas!
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    I always have to take one of my daughters or H with me when baby shopping. They literally MUST steer me out of the baby area.

    We recently were shopping for a young girls' baby shower and I spent nearly $150 on stuff, and you know what? It didn't even put a dent into her registry or the items she really needs. I only bought NEEDS. And I also crocheted her a baby blanket and easy child made the shower cake.

    This same young woman just got married last week. We were the ONLY people present who gave her a wedding gift. It was in her backyard with a JP. I see nothing wrong with a ceremony like that but I was disappointed my friend didn't do anything at all to make it a special occasion. Anyway, the baby is due on Monday and I just found out her labor started!! I'm so excited. I already bought more baby stuff to bring to the hospital. I'm hopeless in the baby isles!:whiteflag:
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    That is the best idea EVER~
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    That is a great idea, Donna. Son #2 and wife K have been married a year and say they're "trying." I've never been a baby addict before, but I sense that when the kids finally present us with a grandchild, I might become one!
  9. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Beth, I hope you have a great time at the shower!