BabyJ 6-month CheckUp

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by PonyGirl, Nov 17, 2010.

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    BabyJ was seen yesterday at UMH for his 6-month checkup. He got rave reviews from all the Docs! He's like the Star of Wiskott-Aldrich boys!
    His platelets are up at 211, the docs are no longer worried about rejection, and he will be weaned off ALL medications!!! Docs will continue to follow him closely, but told daughter in law they've never been willing to pull all medications for a WAS boy before. (Normally they need to take a prophilactic dose of antibiotic every day for life.)
    YOU KNOW BabyJ is doing so well because of all the Board Aunties' Praying for him, right?!? ​

    Thank You!!!

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    That is wonderful news. May he continue to thrive! -RM
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    WOOT!!!!! :bigsmile::bravo::dance:

    Yay for baby J!!!!!! This is awesome news!!! And goes to prove that not every case is textbook, there is always hope. LOVE IT!!!

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    Hooraaaaayyyy!!! Fantastic news :)
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    YEAH!!!!! I'm so happy for all of you.
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    Yay! That's fantastic news!
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    YAY! Keep on truckin' BabyJ!
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    WOW!! that is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!
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    Absolutely wonderful. It has been a tough year for Baby J, you and his parents. We all have something to think about when we count our blessings.
  12. tawnya

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    Way to go, Baby J!

    P.S. I think his grandma had something to do with it, too!

    What a wonderful blessing.
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    Oh Pony, that's wonderful news. I'm so happy for you! :eek:)

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    Thumbs up for BabyJ! Such awesome news!
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    that's our boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!
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    What wonderful news! I'm so happy for Baby J and your whole family!
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    This is wonderful news!!!