Babysitting dogs who arent fully house broken is the PITS

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. DammitJanet

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    Oh my gosh I am exhausted! Every time I about fall asleep, I get woken up by Abby scratching at my door or jumping on me. Ugh.

    She fell asleep fairly early tonight so I figured she would be up in the night but this is ridiculous. I watched some TV in Tony's room tonight and when I came out to go to my room I realized I couldnt find the dogs anywhere in the rest of the house. They were sound asleep on Billy's bed! He had forgotten to close his door I guess. I got them out of the room and went to bed. I went out to get a bowl of cereal later and they were back in there. I left them. Then just a few minutes ago they woke me up banging on my door. I put them out. They just came back inside because Abby can open the front door by herself. I need to go close it. Or maybe I will just leave it open so they can go in and out...dont I need a doggy door for them. I need to sleep!
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    The problems that go with a doggy door include...
    1) other unwanted creatures can use it (cats, mice, squirrels...)
    2) drafts in winter and/or freezing shut (whether dogs are in, or out, it's a problem)
  3. Hound dog

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    This is the benefit to crate training. Maggie knows after 8pm is bedtime, period. Now she might need to potty after that, if so, it's a quick trip out and back into the crate. 8 pm is Mommy down time from puppies........and by then, I usually need it.

    She has this down so well that last night.......well, I was tired and I forgot about putting her into her crate after the evening walk. About 8:45 she got tired of waiting on me and put herself into the crate for bed. lol
  4. Jody

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    Oh my puppies and house training. They are so much fun. Took demon dog out last night and she came right in the house and pooped. OH my was I mad. If she weren't so absolutely cute, I don't think I could make myself deal with her. She very raarely ever pees in the house, but the other she has no problem with. She does go out and go too. You know when she has done it even before you can smell it becasuse she gets up on the corner of the couch and puts her head down. Can't wait to the dog is a normal dog, and lays around and watches tv with me and is CALM.. Its going to be a long road I think. Hang in there Janet, the pups will get it. I crate trained to, it's a lot easier, I think.
  5. DammitJanet

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    We blew the whole crate thing up. I have no idea why but suddenly Abby has decided the crate is where you pee. And poop if you lock her in there. She is fine if I put puppy pads down and leave her loose in the house. She will either come find me or use the pad if she cant wait. Pads arent an issue because I get them free but its a pain to get jumped on by a 40 pound dog in the middle of the Last night Tony almost got his door knocked off the hinges while we were in there watching tv because he started playing with a toy frog that croaks music. Both dogs were at his door jumping, scratching and whining to get in! I guess you had to be there. It was really funny.