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    2 new things have surfaced. One of them I think you've all must have seen because it's been all over the place and that was his statement he made about gays being on The Bachelor. He has since apologized. I'm sure that was for damage control purposes.:oops: The other thing, and this REALLY surprised me, is that he has had his wages garnished for child support! :crushed:WOW, I would not have expected that of him at all. For those of you who doubted him and didn't like him I guess as Jeff Foxworthy would say, "there's your sign!":highly_amused:
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    The news about his lack of paying child support has been out for a while now. It makes me mad whenever I see him being portrayed as a such a wonderful loving father. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm sure he loves his daughter . . . just not enough to worry about meeting his financial obligations to her.

    As far as his statement about gays not being fit to be the bachelor and going as far as calling them "pervs," let's just say that this is coming from a man who is being paid to choose a woman from a group of women that he doesn't know, spend the night in the fantasy suite with three different women in three days, then "pick" one and in all probability, break up within three months time. That is not exactly a healthy role model for our children.

    And I'm a bachelor fan. I just don't consider it reality and I certainly wouldn't want my daughters involved in that show or in a relationship with Juan Pablo.
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    I'm sorry read this and no I hadn't heard.

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    I was waiting for a vet checkup appointment and saw the gay revelations and a kiss on "The View" in the waiting room.

    I freely admit I'm not a "Bachelor" fan.

    But - yuck, yuck, and YUCK.