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    Hello again I am back after taking Ds in for an assessment and im rather confused DS was diagnosed by his doctor as adhd and odd but the psychologist that assessed my son after about 15 min diagnosed DS with hyper anxiety and depression with adhd I know the symptoms of depression and have had it myself in the past and knowing the symptoms do not have have never seen those symptoms in DS so now i need some advice have any of you been in the situation where you thought the docs diagnosis was wrong and was it and do you think i should get a second opinion?
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    What kind of doctor diagnosed the adhd and ODD? Not knowing your son and jsut looking at the two different dxes, I would go with the psychologist. Hyper anxiety and depression could easily explain the ODD which is more of a symptom than a diagnosis in my opinion. Also depression looks a bit different in kids than in adults, especially if it's a chronic kind of thing.

    When DD1 was first seen by a psychiatrist and therapist, she had two different dxes - one from each. I really didn't care what they were calling it (still really don't) as long as the therapy and medication she was given were working for her.

    You can go for a second opinion, but depending on his age, it might be a waste of time. A proper diagnosis may not emerge for a few years, and if he needs treatment, treat what you've got. Treatment itself (therapy as well as medications) may give clues to the correct diagnosis.
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    His pedi diagnosed him with the adhd and odd after doing conners scales With me and his kinder teacher. I know the psychiatric has more mental education but seriously even the easy symptoms of depression aren't there Ds is out going sleeps well his appetite is crappy but it always has been since he was an infant he is social has friends hasn't given up the things he loves to do has a ton of energy i never say my son is a handful lol he is 10 hands full hah i guess i just didnt think a diagnosis could be reached that quickly we were there an hour and a half but like i said not even 15 min into the session he gave his diagnosis and the doctor even made me cry lol i thought he was shrinkin me :p I know Ds needs help either way but i just want to make sure he is getting the right help The reason the doctor said he thought my son was hyper anxious is because he was pickin at his nails and trying to help me with his sister i think my son was just nervous being in a strange environment and having a strange man tell him what to do. I guess im just at my wits end with docs and Dxs i just want my son back :...(
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    I wouldn't trust either one. Pediatricians are best at giving shots and taking care of physical illnesses and rather poor at diagnosing childhood disorders. And therapists aren't good diagnosticians either. Did the therapist run any tests? You say the conclusion came after fifteen minutes. I'd give your son a clean slate and have a neuropsychologist evaluation. That is a very intensive evaluation that can pinpoint many problems that other professionals miss.
    Many of us have had MANY wrong diagnosis. in my opinion Neuropsychs are the best way to find out at least what direction to go in. They don't just blindly throw out a diagnosis and medication.

    Many of us, myself included, feel that ODD is a sort of throwaway diagnosis that doesn't mean much and is too broad-based. It almost never stands alone. You won't hear that diagnosis much from neuropsychs or regular child psychiatrists (the ones with the MDs) :)

    Good luck!
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    Although I don't recall your son's age I agree with MWM. Good luck. DDD
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    I also agree with MWM. You need to find a neuropsychologist and have a thorough evaluation done. A psychiatric can't properly diagnose without doing SOME form of assessment or testing. 15 minutes of observation alone is NEVER enough. How old is your son again? Is he on any medications? It would be helpful if you created a "signature" like we all have at the bottom of our posts. That helps us remember who is who and what their situation is.

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    ODD vs depression/anxiety...

    I'm not surprised at the flip-flop between those two... it is VERY common. Given the choice between an ODD diagnosis and a depression/anxiety diagnosis, I'd go with the depression/anxiety...
    The problem is that depression in the MALE population can present itself VERY differently from the FEMALE population. Often, where a girl would be obviously sad or "down", a boy is aggressive, angry, etc. Its also not uncommon for kids with ADHD to end up with anxiety and/or depression. So... for now, assume that this diagnosis is at least PART of the problem... then go research "depression in men" and "depression in boys".

    Having said that... I don't expect the depression is a primary diagnosis... that is, he likely isn't just "prone to depression" by some biological twist... rather, the depression is likely secondary - the result of his experiences and issues. In which case, you're not done yet... have to find out what ELSE is wrong.

    I didn't see your earlier post, and you don't have a signature yet, so forgive me if these questions have already been answered...
    How old is your son?
    Does he like school? do well? has friends? Or... left out, lonely, struggling?
    If he's struggling... with what? reading, writing, math, phys ed, getting things done on time, ... as long a list as you have.
    How are his motor skills - fine (writing/printing/drawing, tieing shoes, buttons, working with small-piece toys), and gross (riding a bike, learning to swim, playing ball, etc.)
    What about sleep... quantity and quality...
    What interventions were proposed in dealing with the anxiety and/or depression?

    There are a raft of issues that can be co-morbid with ADHD. Might want to research that area... In particular, motor-skills issues are DEADLY in boys, because boys are defined very early in life by what they can make their body do... and if they can't, they are social outcasts - and they need the social support to survive in school.

    Warning: you may be in a situation where your son has multiple issues serious enough to cripple his development but no one issue serious enough to get action out of the medical and school communities. You may have to become the "expert", drive the process, and be prepared to knock on doors, bang down walls, and educate the "whole world"... but you do it because there isn't any other option. (been there done that)

    There's also a broad overlap of developmental issues.... ADHD is one. On the other extreme are things like Autism and Downs. And a raft of other stuff all over the place. What this means is that, for example, symptoms that fit the ADHD diagnosis could also be related to something on the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) spectrum.

    I'd "ditto" some of the other comments... definitely need a more thorough analysis.
    In the mean time... thought I'd toss a few things out there so you have something to think about...

    Oh, and while you're at it... if there is any hint at all of motor-skills issues and/or sensory issues, see if you can get an Occupational Therapist (OT) (occupational therapy) evaluation. These areas are their specialty. Won't get you a diagnosis, but the results are respected by other professionals as part of their diagnosis, AND these OTs have interventions that help in the mean time, diagnosis or no. Usually have some weight with the schools, too... if the child needs technology or other specialized supports, an Occupational Therapist (OT) report is usually part of that process.
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    Sorry I thought I had mentioned his age DS is 6. To answer some of the questions he Does love school and has been in school since he was three he does have friends (some of them i wish he didn't have they have behavior issues). We Live in a remote area and dont have many people around so usually the people he has to spend time with out of school are me his grandpa and daughter who is 1 (altho i do take him to the park to give him time with children his age). He does struggle in school with reading and writing I do my best to work with him. His motor skills are great hates to tie his shoes but then again so do i haha. His sleep has always been pretty good he goes to bed and on most days sleeps untill about 6:30 or 7:00 am he has slept that way since he was a baby. Here is a list of Some of the symptoms he has i dont know if that will help:

    Cant sit still, No impulse control, Cannot follow simple directions, have to repeat directions to him multiple time before he can even repeat what i told him, Throws tantrums when punished Stomping feet, Saying hurtful things and screaming, He is always in your face, talks a million miles a min and all the time.

    The only intervention that was given was a parenting plan Because what i was doing wasnt working and wasnt going to work according to the psychiatric. He will possibly be medicated soon we had another appointment on monday and they canceled it because out of nowhere the doctor had a booked schedule:groan:So who knows now who he will see and when. How do i make a tag i guess i should get one


    DS 6 possible adhd odd depression and hyper anxiety
    daughter 1 The baby Dare devil possibly will be the death of me.. :p
    Me 26 Anxiety
    GP Grandpa 64 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Borderline hoarder.
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    Get an Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation as a priority item. Specifically ask about...
    1) fine motor skills - he has trouble with (doesn't like often = difficulty with) tieing shoes, and with writing.
    2) sensory issues

    The list of symptoms you give would not be solved by a parenting plan. Adjustments to approach have their place in the whole picture - but not as "the whole answer".
    Depending on a raft of other things that don't show up for a couple more years... might take time to nail the diagnosis.

    If its not Asperger's, then ADHD would stick, and be logical.
    Some of the medications that work for Asperger's, help ADHD - but not all of them, and none of the medications for either diagnosis always work, anyway.
    I'd also be looking at whether there are auditory issues - either problems with hearing, OR with processing verbal information (there's a range of auditory processing disorders). Try looking up Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) (central auditory processing disorder), and/or auditory filtering and/or auditory focus.

    Take one sweet kid with fine motor problems and verbal processing problems and send them off to real school (sorry, pre-school stuff doesn't have nearly the learning load)... and they turn into monsters because they can't handle it. But "everyone" blames:
    a) the kid - its a behavior problem
    b) the parents - its a behavior problem because of how you have raised him.

    If anyone tells you THAT - you come tell us. We'll whack that idea out of your head, at least, and try and support you in chasing down the right solutions...

    Its tough being in a remote area... where the resources are scarce - and sometimes, not the ones you need.
    How far are you from something major? like a medical university or a teaching hospital?
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    Thanks so much for your advice im definitely looking into getting my son into seeing a neuropshyc and going to check on Occupational Therapist (OT) as well Unfortunately with my insurance some docs don't accept it and its going to be a struggle but im going to get him help even if its going to come out of my pocket. Im sooo happy i found yall will continue to keep yall posted!


    DS 6 possible adhd odd depression and hyper anxiety
    daughter 1 The baby Dare devil possibly will be the death of me.. :p
    Me 26 Anxiety
    GP Grandpa 64 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Borderline hoarder.
    Tipsy: our nutty Cat. Hence the name.