Back from camp a few hours and pushing my buttons already!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by gcvmom, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Mabye it's because we are both tired: me from driving for 5 hours to and from camp to pick up difficult child 1 today and dealing with difficult child 2's instability and easy child's impatience with difficult child 2, and difficult child 1 from a busy week at camp and having lost his voice. But dang if he hadn't been home just a few hours and he was managing to tick me off right and left tonight!

    He's sarcastic, he's obnoxious, his behavior is inappropriate, he's annoying his sibs -- geeeeez! Enough already! I ask him if he's brushed his teeth and he nods his head yes (I KNOW HE HASN'T). Then I tell him I know that he hasn't and he starts complaining. SO I guess this is the time I just back off and stop being a "mom/nag" and just leave him alone. He's got two cavities and getting them filled next week... if it were me I'd be a little more concerned about dental hygiene, but apparently playing his gameboy is more important to him. So maybe natural consequences are in order? AAAARRRGGG!

    And of course difficult child 2 is all over the place tonight and refusing to sleep in his own bed again -- lately he prefers the couch or the floor in my room -- some kind of weird anxiety about being in his room at night now. I just don't get it.

    And poor easy child is still sleeping on her mattress on the LR floor 'cuz I can't manage to get her room painted in less than a week!!!

    Okay, enough venting. I think tomorrow I need to get husband more involved with the bedtime stuff, 'cuz this three-against-one is just wearing me out. No wonder I'm on short fuse...
  2. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    What's in the air?

    Tink has been sleeping either on the couch or on the floor in my room as well. She has not slept in her room since school let out!

  3. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    That is one of the small things I do to give my kids the chance to do "the right thing"; ask them a question that they know the answer to such as, "Have you brushed your teeth". Then when they do not do the right thing, "Yep" when it should have been "not yet, will do now", things start to fuel! UGH I am trying not to give them this chance any more in certain areas.

    I was thinking about how board entries seem to indicate that our difficult children are becoming a little more intense these days. I wonder if it is the mid summer blahs? The excitement of no school has worn off and the boredom of Summer is setting in? Then in about two weeks, we will add the Back to School Nerves (excitement and nervousness). Let's all brace ourselves, it is coming! (husband and I have not yet told difficult child who his home room teacher will be - it is not who he hopes it will be. I think the morning of a therapist appointment might be best?)

    There is always discussion of when to have VBS. I hate VBS that is scheduled the first two weeks after school is over - Kids do not want the scheduled activity so soon. Then in August, when Summer is now boring, they need VBS as a fun activity to get through one more week.
  4. meowbunny

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    One suggestion -- don't ask a question you know the answer to. It saves a lot of grief -- you don't get upset because you were lied to and your child doesn't go on the defensive immediately. Simply remind him that he needs to brush his teeth. If he doesn't, he can enjoy the dentist and I'd be telling the dentist to please go back to the way it was done 20 years ago -- not total torture but definitely not painless.
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    BBK, I really hope I can get the younger two back in their own rooms soon. easy child's problem is my fault 'cuz her room is torn up, but difficult child 2 is a whole 'nuther problem that I'm still working on figuring out.

    Andy, difficult child 1 has no excuse for boredom. He just came back from a structured but very fun camp! I think some of this is typical teen behavior combined with fatigue.

    MB, you're probably right that I shouldn't ask something I already know the answer to. He's going to be 14 in a few weeks and not 6. They're his teeth, not mine! I'm tired of micro-managing, so I'll take your advice and go into "counselor" mode. I'll offer reminders, but that's it unless he asks for more intervention help (which sometimes he does when he realizes he's forgetful about things).

    And I still intend to get husband more involved at bedtime -- I'll have more patience for difficult child's if I'm not feeling outnumbered!
  6. TerryJ2

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    Oh! The room isn't finished yet. Argh. I know that will help.

    I'd just let my son's teeth fall out, walk away, and finish painting.
    Any chance he'd want to help you rather than waste time on his GameBoy?

    I'd take it away (when he goes to the bathroom or something) and give it back when he finishes brushing his teeth. But that may take more energy than it's worth. :sick:
    Just a thought.

    I hope he gets some sleep and you're all better in the next day. Take care.
  7. OpenWindow

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    Hopefully, your difficult child just needs to get back into the home routine after being away at camp.

    My easy child 1 had 4 cavities and the dentist told him his teeth were brittle and still he needs to be forced to brush. difficult child won't ever brush - it almost always leads to a meltdown. When he does bruch, I'm pretty sure he doesn't use toothpaste. He goes to the dentist next week... we'll see how many cavities he has.

    And yes, get husband involved in bedtime! This is the hardest part of the day for me. I assigned my difficult child and the 2 dogs to husband, and I make sure PCs are in bed and that they have put the kittens in the garage for the night.