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    husband and I had our mini meeting this morning with difficult child's teacher, principal and school pysch. It went well for the most part. 504 plan should be in place by next Wednesday.

    His teacher informed us that difficult child is so unfocused in group setting but one on one he is really focused and really articulate, etc. WELL DUH ???

    She was a little defensive and I quickly put her in her place and told her no one was here to point fingers. We all have to take responsibility and that includes difficult child too.

    School Pysch double talked a little and at one point said she put little stock in state testing scores. I again quickly reminded her that she continually informed me that difficult child's state testing scores indicated he was not in need of and IEP.

    husband and I have decided at this time, to have difficult child reevaluated at another Children's Hospital not too far from home.

    We kind of had a light bulb moment last night and agreed that difficult child really has made minimal progess at school. We agreed at home he has matured somewhat but really still struggles at school.

    His anxiety seems to be up and he is really having some serious tics. I put a call into his PCP and spoke with Behavioral Health Administrator at Children's Hospital and then will be able to see him within 5 days after all paperwork is received and reviewed.

    Until the new evaluation is done we agreed to hold off on the IEP and see how the 504 plan goes. We signed NOTHING.

    I just need to find out what is the true core of difficult child's issues are.

    Thanks for listening ... Shelly

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    Shelly -

    When you are pushing for testing, here's some clues gathered from what you posted above and related stats... that may give you one more angle to pursue...

    Clue 1:
    Clue 2:
    Kids who do really well one-on-one and terrible in a classroom setting, often have either hearing or auditory processing problems.
    Add to that... auditory processing problems FREQUENTLY are comorbid with ADHD.
    Plus... age 11 is one of the turning points in school. Work has become much harder. It is assumed that they have learned how to read well, write well, mastered basic mathematics. If ANY of that has gone off the rails... then they do not have the tools in their possession to accomplish the task at hand.

    When going for the next round of evaluations, please push for FULL testing, including advanced auditory screening for Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) and other APDs including auditory figure ground processing problems (difficulty processing sounds in the presence of background noise).
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    Glad you made some progress and very glad that you are going to seek more intensive testing. DDD
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    Rock and Roll! Glad you felt ok about the meeting. Hope your testing gets scheduled and he gets in quickly. I agree totally to check for the auditory processing (and really any form of processing...) issues.
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    The 504 was put into place yesterday and was effective immediately. I will be receiving a copy in writing of all the plans they are putting into place.

    difficult child will be given gentle reminders to read all directions thoroughly and key information will be highlighted by Teacher

    difficult child will be given one on one time for Reading Comprehension by Reading Specialist out of classroom

    difficult child will be praised often when appropriate

    difficult child will be given a chance to make corrections on tests for 2 points each rather than 5 points each.

    difficult child's Teacher is aware of his self esteem issues and assures me she will be incredibly discreet while helping/assisting him

    I was told by his Teacher he is such a nice boy and went out of his way to thank her for giving him extra help.

    There are several other requests. I have to say the meeting went very, very well and I feel they are really trying to accomodate difficult child.

    I am taking a positive approach. We also told difficult child he must claim responsibilty as well and not take advantage (as he is great at !!)

    Only time will tell ...
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    I forgot to mention I sent off all paperwork for difficult child to be evaluated at the local Children's Hospital and we are awaiting an independent Neuropysch who is a friend of a friend to review difficult child's prior evaluation from CHOP and hopefully she will decide to do extensive testing on him.... It's a waiting game now ...
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    Glad the teacher is working with you and difficult child. A good teacher can make all the difference.
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    so great, you got some accomodations AND are on the road to more, that is amazing. I hope it goes well for him. Everything is open for revision, we do it all the time with my guy!