Back from Neuroligist- he gave medications and he waiting on therapy :(

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    Attention deficit disorder of childhood with hyperactivity
    Other Specific developmental reading disorder ( he asked if I happy with his reading I said could be a lil better and he starting title 1 tutoring- so after my sons starts he want results)
    Academic underachievement disorder of children or adolescence
    Dysfunction associated with sleep

    (Above Dr Diagnose)

    My son was all over the office and interrupting so I guess that showed Dr a little how he is. He said the ADHD can cause a little frustration/ violence but as much as we are talking about possibility of other disorder like what pediatrician said, ODD or another form incl hereditary. He is sending him for an EEG.But he wants to wait until next month to see ho he acts on medications for ADHD, and sleep in case that helps as well- before he sends him out for therapy and further testing! Uggh, not happy I wanted family counseling literally 5 years ago!!!!! But either way next month counseling as long as they can see us same month!

    So..its Adderall 5mg with breakfast
    Clonidine o.1 mg??? starting with 1/2 week one at bed, 1/2 and 1/2 week two -bed and breakfast and third week 1/4,1/4 and 1/2- breakfast, afterschool and bed.if week one or two works stop there
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    You have to start somewhere, right? My difficult child also took Clonidine for awhile in addition to ADHD medications and it does help with sleep. Do watch for sleepiness during the day though if he is taking them in the morning and afternoon. IF Adderall is the right medication for him (it might not be, every kid responds differently and sometimes you have to try a few) the counseling will work better. ADHD is a place to start, and see where it goes from there. At least with ADHD medications, you will be able to tell right away if it's making a difference. Keep us posted!
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    Best of luck to you. I hope the medications are helpful.
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    Thank you both and I reread the prescrp Adderall and its the xr version. Second day on it, he says he feels fine but of course to soon to see any changes.

    I have not given the Clonidine yet because I wanted to see if he would have any reaction to adderall first. Plus, thats a blood pressure medication? I was reading it and can be used for restless leg syndrome, but since it helped Knight, I will give it to mine too but.. after his eeg which will give him a week on the adhd medication. Thanks again :)