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    Early morning for us around here. Just got back from the psychiatrist. He added Abilify to L's medications and wrote a script for Tenex for W. He sees that W has some hyper active issues but not enough for an ADHD diagnosis but he also observed the very quick temperedness in him, which is reminiscent of L 3 years ago. Starting to nip it before it gets out of hand.

    The kids will begin individual therapy, which is great! L was able to identify his trigger (his dad) which speaks volumes to the psychiatrist and all are in agreement that L won't make any progress if the trigger remains present. My lawyer will LOVE that news!!

    On the other side of things, we are ready to go to the shelter but there is no room there for us right now. How lovely! So, my friends and I are out pounding the pavement to find a place to live. Keeping the chin up and positive thoughts.
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    I'm glad that the appointment went so well.
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    Hope the medications work well and that you find safety soon. DDD

    PS: I always tack on this tidbit of info when Tenex is used. It worked beautifully for both the boys so I hope it helps your guy too. The warning is that Tenex must be slowly introduced and slowly weaned if it is decided to drop the medication. GFGmom took difficult child to a new Pediatrician who was not familiar with Tenex. The MD said "I'm not comfortable prescribing that medicine because I have never used it. I want you to give difficult child xyz medication instead." GFGmom made the change with-o talking to me and difficult child ended up in the hospital for two or three days due to very high BiPolar (BP).'s been a great medication for ours but you have to be careful with titrations in both directions. Some MD's don't know and therefore they don't share.
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    Glad you found some help, hope you find safety soon. Let us know how things progress.