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    I'm exhausted, my feet and calves are KILLING me and my right shoulder is tender as hades and seems to have a semi-permanent indentation from lugging a tote bag full of books and other stuff around all weekend but I had a BLAST!!!!! wouldn't believe the number of authors there! There were a few in particular that I was looking forward to seeing and I did! I got autographs, books signed, took a few pictures AAAAAAAAAND!!!! I got my picture taken with (and had a book signed by)........................

    LEE CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went with two friends, B and C. The convention started Thursday but we didn't get there till Friday because B had midterms. We went to some panels on Friday and after each round of panels, the participating authors would go to the book sellers room and do signings. We made sure we watched the schedule so we knew when to camp out there and get things signed. We each had some books with us that we brought from home and I think we got everything signed that we wanted short of one book of mine. That author's line was just way too long and since I already have a signed book of hers (Sue Grafton) I wasn't going to stand there for that long. LOL That night, we were hanging in the bar with a couple of authors who sat by us at a panel. That in turn, got us introduced to an agent who introduced us to a client of hers and also drug us around introducing us to other authors. (That's when I met Lee Child. The client drug me over and then laughed at me afterwards when I squealed like a lunatic once I was out of Lee's earshot.) We had a great time!

    Unfortunately, B's grandmother was taken to the hospital so a friend came and picked her up and although her grandmother is now fine, B didn't make it back. We picked up some stuff for her though and I'm hoping I got the books she wanted.

    Saturday was more panels, more signings and more fun. Today featured a book bazaar. Each person got 5 tickets when they got to the convention. If you took those to the bazaar, you could turn in a ticket to an author and get one of their books. Not every author participated and the books were older releases but it was still awesome! The only thing....they had it set up in the lobby and the tables were fairly close together. With the number of people (at least 200) it was a complete madhouse. I got the ones I really wanted, gave away my extra tickets and got the heck OUT! LOL It's a good thing I don't have panic attacks because otherwise I would have been huddled under a table somewhere sucking my thumb and was THAT bad. But...the books I did get are all signed and I wound up with a couple of business cards from an author and an agent.

    I tell you....I was just in awe. I like my rock stars too but authors? GODS I tell you! LOL

    I didn't really get a chance to take many pics but here is the link to my photobucket album. There is one picture there of a picture that was in my hotel room bathroom. C thought it resembled something....I'll let you decide for yourself. :tongue: 2009/

    If you are a book lover and ever get the chance to go to any kind of a book convention....GO!!! It was amazing!!! I will sleep like the dead tonight as I was running on pure adrenalin all weekend but it was a total blast!
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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE MY IDOL!

    As a self professed book-a-holic, what an amazing weekend! Sounds like you had a blast. Where oh where do you find out about book conventions? How do you get to go to one? This is definitly something I'd save and save and save for, and plan ahead (years if needed) to be able finangle!!!

    I'm off to look at your pics but had to tell you .... YOU ROCK! I'm glad you had so much fun. I'm green with envy that you got to meet favorite authors. And pictures and signed books? I'm drooling!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    WOW!!! I am SOOO JEALOUS!!!!!

    I dream of going to author conventions. I would far rather do that than go to just about anything/anywhere else. Authors are FAR more interesting and important to me than rock stars are. Rock stars are okay, but authors, WOW!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics and convention stories! Too COOL!

    I LOVE the shirt that says "I am not a minion of Evil. I am Upper Management." It cracked me up!
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    *Takes a bow*

    Thank you, thank you! LOL be honest, I can't even remember how I heard about this convention. There are a lot of them though and they are held yearly. This particular one will be in San Francisco next year. There's another one I have heard of called Magna *** Murder and I think I have a flyer for it. (The sensor is blocking part of the title. The missing word is all lower case and is see you m....say it out'll figure it out) I will have to sort through all of the stuff I picked up and see. If you google writers associations or something like that, I would think you'd be able to weed through and find more. Romantic Times magazine puts one on every year also and like I said....there are a lot of these things. Another way to find out some of them ....check author's websites and their listing of appearances. If they are planning on going to a con, they will list it on their site.

    Oh and by the way....Lee Child? WHAT an accent!!! He's got a very dignified but not at all snooty, English accent. Very nice and a funny man. Actually....there were a few authors there with some verrrrrry nice accents! LOL One in particular is from Northern England (Ireland basically) and I told him that while I wasn't a creepy stalker, don't be surprised if he saw me following him around. I said that I wouldn't bother him, I just wanted to listen to him talk. He laughed and said he had heard a lot about what HE thought was a hard to understand, carapy accent but I said that when you're from around these parts, his accent is exotic and quite pleasant to listen to. Plus, there's just something about an Irish accent to get the blood pressure going. LOL

    Susiestar...I adored that t-shirt! LOL The lady wearing it said to check out the website I'm not sure if that shirt is on there but she said there were similar things. WARNING!!! I haven't had a chance to check it out yet so I don't know what kind of content is there. Look at your own risk!
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    Dang I wish I could've gone. I'm a book addict when not in school. I'd have sooooooo loved that.

    Something to put on my wish list for after I graduate. :D

    I haven't been able to get the link to work yet. Keeps timing out. lol

    Sooooooooooo jealous. But then I can tell you had enough fun for ALL of us too, so it's ok. :D :D :D
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    What an exciting experience!
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    Here's a link to a blog for the next Bouchercon. In it, there is a list near the top at the right of upcoming other mystery or book related conventions.
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    Awesome. Thank you for the link! I just checked through a few of the conventions listed. It is paradise I swear lol.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. For now I'll have to live vicariously through you. However, it's time for me to save, save, save! Maybe when S/O and I elope in about 18 months, I can convince him to skip Costa Rica and head to a location with a convention instead lmao. (he only reads technical books on aviation etc, but hey! Weddings are supposed to be The Bride's Day right?!?!?)
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    I have no idea what you did - you went out of town with your bookie? look SO HAPPY!!!! And black is definitely your good color. (thinking - I had you pegged as a purple)....Your hair looks so shiney!! Very pretty!!

    And that Lee Childs fella? He looks a tad like Conan Obrien. What a tall man.

    ....ahem....I saw NO donkeys in those photos...and what did you bring me? lol.

    Somehow I just KNEW not to text you. ;) Glad you had a great weekend. (sounds like you won big)
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    (Pouting in my corner...)


    Looks like you had an awesome time.

    Yeah,'re off galavanting with authors and I'm being a bean counter at Target. Something is seriously wrong here.