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Well we just got back from Abby's dr appointment. He was not all that impressed that they let her out of the hospital acting like she is. He added another medication Trileptal 300mg in the evening for 1 week and then add another tablet so she will be on a total of 600mg. He say's with the way she act's right now she is in a manic state. He is hopeing that this Trileptal works, he kept asking her to sit down but she couldn't she was running around his office, jumping on the chairs, crawling on the floor making baby sounds crawling under his desk, ripping up his styrafoam cups and throwing them in the air looking through his medical books, knocked his desk lamp off the desk. Her dr did not want to take her off any of the other medication's because he said he wanted to add this one first and he did not want to add one medication, up her other medication and take her off the other one. So right now she is on 3 medications. But it isn't going to stay that way he want's to up her Lamictol and take her off the Cloniden. Has anyone ever been on or know anyone that has been on Trileptal?? Do u think it works?


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I believe trileptal is a newer form of Tegretol which my difficult child just had to be taken off of. He went into an unstable manic state and wouldnt come out. Our Dr. switched him to Depakote & Seroquel which brought him out of the manic state so we could actually breathe. We have yet to determine though if they are going to work because we have only been on them for a day. Big Hugs!!!