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    I saw my psychiatrist. He USED to do therapy AND medications, appts were ALWAYS 50 mins. This time he had 10 min appts and just did medications. I have a feeling I could have gotten him to rx valium, xanax, vistaril, effexor AND prozac ALL if I had just started crying and not given him a written list of my medications.

    I ALWAYS give EVERY doctor of ANY kind the written list of my medications.
    because I gave the doctor the COMPLETE medication list, he changed my lunesta to ambien CR (no big, I go back and forth based on which one just quit working. The melatonin and ohter things never work for me.)

    The doctor also suggested prozac. I have been on it before, it is quite effective for me, and "the seizure was not the result of an overdose, so there is no worry about that" - the exact words the doctor read off of info from the hospital.

    OK. I guess the hospital finally decided I had a seizure, NOT an overdose. Good to know. The info the psychiatrist had was dated today, no info had been faxed before this.

    My only problem with prozac is that it irritates my stomach. The psychiatrist said to start with 20 mg, and if I am not "better" in 3 weeks, go to 40, then I can increase every other week by 20 mg until I hit 100 mg. I checked the shelf life of prozac, and the stuff I have from the last time I saw him is still good, so I don't even have to buy that. And I got ambien CR samples!! (none of my other docs give samples)

    This is what other docs have had me do at various times since prozac came out. I am just glad he did not push the other medications. I really don't think they would be the best idea, and if I need them then my rheumy (who rx's all controlled medications for me) will do it.

    It is strange that he has stopped doing the therapy too. But I will see the therapist Jess is going into. She will work me in, and I really like her. I only switched to the psychiatrist because insurance, and then had found he did therapist stuff too. But now, I iwll have the 2 of them!!!

    Anyway, I wanted you to all know how it went. I am still waiting for a response from the 5 neurology practices I contacted. I see my family practice doctor next week. She will get onto them and get me in to see someone. I gave her a note with what had gone on, including the hospital's refusal to call her at my request.

    I will keep you updated. You are my rocks!!!
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    Glad to hear that it went well! A seizure vs. an overdose? Doesn't sound like the way to spend a weekend!

    I'm glad you're going to get to work with Jess' therapist - it sounds like you'll enjoy talking to her!

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    Glad that the you gave the psychiatrist all the info and I hope the medications help as well as the therapist. Glad no overdose and I hope no more seizures.
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    i'm glad it went well, glad you got the samples as well as have existing prozac, just make sure it's still good. is there anything you can eat to alleviate the stomach upset?

    yes kinda odd he stopped the therapy end of it......
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    I'm glad the appointment went well. It hoovers that he's not doing therapy anymore, but it's good you have another one lined up that you like. I really like my therapist and that is so important.

    You may want to ask your pharmacist if there is anything you can take or eat to help with the stomach irritation from the prozac. Sometimes if I have that problem with a medication, I'll take it with a piece of plain bread and it seems to help. I don't know if you can take maalox with it or if that will mess it up or any of your other medications. Maalox coats the stomach, but it tends to irritate mine. But then I'm like you...I don't do most things normal. :tongue:

    Keep us posted on the neurologist.