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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    and I have to say it was one of the nicest times I've had there with husband. He didn't get carried away with the gambling (in years past, he'd secretly pull out credit card cash advances after he'd blown all his cash so he could gamble some more). And although we didn't win big, we didn't lose big either (which is NOT something he could say last year). Impulse control: check!

    We didn't even argue! We had a great time at the Santana concert (three solid hours of amazing music). We enjoyed eachother's company and came home feeling better about eachother than we have in a long time. This time last year, things were pretty iffy between us. I AM glad he opted to wait on his medication changes until after this weekend.

    And so speaking of medication changes, I suppose he'll begin his Paxil wean this week. The psychiatrist wants him off that completely before he starts Trileptal (and the neuro said to stay on the Lamictal until Trileptal is at the target dose). His reasoning is that the Lamictal is supposedly serving the same antidepressant function as the Paxil, and it will be easier to know what's causing what symptoms the fewer medications he is on.

    So, fingers crossed that as we enter our 20th married year together, he's able to get both his seizures AND his mood problems under control. If he can, I think we just might live to see the next 20 years together ;)
  2. mrscatinthehat

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    So glad you had a good time. Hope the medication changes go smoothly.

  3. Marcie Mac

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    Congradulations on your 20th and having a good vacation with hubby..:

  4. Star*

    Star* call 911


    LUcky CHIcken!

    At first I thought you said Sinatra - and I thought to myself "Huh must have been good drugs for both. he's dead." BUT NOT FORGOTTEN in the STAR house.....
  5. susiestar

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    I am so HAPPY you had a great trip. VERY impressed that husband kept his spending under control, I know that was a worry on past trips.

    Santana ROCKS, I am very envious of you, I would LOVE to see them live.

    I hoep the medication changes are not too rocky. Be sure to research Paxil Withdrawal on Google. It can be tough. Know what you are headed into and it will be easier to tolerate for YOU. At least I hope so!

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    welcome home, glad it was fun!
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    Glad it was such a good time, you deserve it!
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    I'm glad it was a good time and that things are looking up for you and husband.
  9. Abbey

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    Awww...sounds like a wonderful time!! (Why, oh why does everyone go to Vegas when I leave???) Hmmm...might be something there.

    Santana rocks. I think I might listen to some right now.

    Not arguing is a good thing. It just makes things a lot more comfortable.

    Enjoy your memories.