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    I flew home from the Twin Cities last night.
    It was a great vacation. Calm for the most part, relaxing, lots of good food.
    Lots of repetition of bizarre stories ... my dad thinks he was at Chappaquiddick, and he's been on the moon. Okay, whatever. He's easy to get along with-and he's happy, and aside from arthritis, he's in better shape than I am (he put my suitcase in the car, and I couldn't even lift my purse because I threw out my back).

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, husband and I talked at dinner and I told him that I have a philosophical bone to pick with-the child psychiatric and I still want to pursue my idea that difficult child is an Aspie, and I believe that Aspies can learn. (I just finished a new book, which I will post about here. difficult child is on every page!!!)
    psychiatrist believes Aspies cannot learn like difficult child has, and his experience deals with-much more "textbook" cases.
    We will have to agree to disagree. That's why it's called a SPECTRUM!!!
    So I'm not sure when I will be returning to difficult child's therapy. For now, it's just husband and difficult child.

    husband still thinks that a lot of difficult child's issues are with-me and that, since things were calm while I was gone, that is proof of the pudding. I pointed out that difficult child is now on 3, count 'em, 3 medications, so of course he's been an angel.
    I can't wait for husband to go out of town so I can tell him, with-a smirk, upon his return, that difficult child was an angel for me, too.
    T*t for tat. Not a good marriage relationship. :(

    I am seeing difficult child's teacher today and his pediatrician. I will update the pediatrician about the psychiatric hospital visit, and request a bunch of tests that they didn't do. I don't care if he thinks I'm nuts, but I suspect he will be supportive, since he has been so far.

    Both kids are happy and things are going well. But hey, I've only been back for one night. ;)
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    Welcome back! Glad to hear the trip was a success! I'll write more later, just wanted to say "hey!"

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    Wecome back Terry. Glad you had a great time. :D

    As for aspies.......well......You can tell him my husband did 14 yrs in the Army, ect. Ok. There are still issues, and some pretty big ones. But I think overall when one thinks of aspie he has done awfully darn well. Definately could learn, even if it was only for appearances sake. And his cousin is also aspie (worse) and teaches History at a University, far more sucessful than husband.

    I think said doctor could use a refresher course or two.

  4. Star*

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    Well at least your Dad is "going" places and not just sitting around.....


    Glad to have you back - we needed a question answered about could have been a huge help---think it's still up here on the board.

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    I haven't been around much at all lately due to REALLY bad internet service. So, I'm not caught up on what's been going on around here. However, for some unknown reason, I'm able to get on-line this afternoon, read your post and hope I'll be able to respond before I lose my connection (fingers crossed).

    I'm thinking of you because I know how frustrating it can be trying to find the correct diag. I hope you find the answers you need to help your difficult child ASAP!!! Both of my difficult children are Aspies - difficult child 1 is also bipolar, difficult child 2 has anxiety disorder, not otherwise specified. Both of my difficult children appear very different on the surface. I totally agree with you - Asperger's is a spectrum disorder.

    I would get rid of the psychiatrist who told you Aspies can't learn the way your difficult child has - in my humble opinion, he is sitting on his brains...

    From personal experience, difficult child 1 has a very high IQ, learns very easily (as long as he feels like it, another story, another time...), is perfectly capable of living on his own and being totally self-sufficient.

    However, difficult child 2 is at the opposite end of the spectrum. difficult child 2 is "book smart." He has a fantastic memory - remembers everything, and I mean EVERYTHING he has ever read. He does very well in school with the exception of spelling and grammar. difficult child 2 is totally "clueless" as far as self-care skills, social skills (just had a speech/lang evaluation today - Lots of problems with pragmatics and some with articulation), etc... Unfortunately, difficult child 2 will probably need to live in some sort of a supervised setting when he gets older.

    I would definitely go with your "gut" feelings... in my humble opinion, mothers know their children the best. Find another psychiatrist and keep on researching...

    As far as your dad, I don't know the whole story, but, at least it sounds like he is happy. My father's mother had Alzheimer's and it was difficult to see her "forget" who I was. However, she was happy and well taken care of. I don't know what your dad's diag is, but, it is hard to watch a loved one lose touch with reality... It sounds like your handling it well.

    I'm sorry things are difficult for you with your husband or should I say H??? I hope you're able to knock some sense into his thick skull!!! I wish I could help you!!!

    Well, got to go - Laundry to do, phone calls to make regarding an upcoming Team Meeting for difficult child 2, and last, but not least, difficult child 2 is in the beginning stages of a "melt-down." Some things never change...

    Take care. Thinking of you. WFEN
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    <<<hug>>>> welcome home!!!
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    Welcome back!
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    Welcome back! I'm glad the visit went well and things went smoothly at home.
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    I'm glad your vist went well but I'm sorry you hurt your back. I hope it gets better soon. My back has also been out.
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    Thank you all.

    So sorry, ML. I feel your pain, literally! :(
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    :welcomehome: We missed you-glad you had a nice visit!
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