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    It's been two weeks since I started back to work. Things are finally settling down. All the phone calls I had to make at the beginning have all been made. All the missing students we failed to locate have been dropped from the system, so no more calls. The worst part of my job is over. I dread coming back every year because of the two weeks of hell I go through but I made it through. Woohoo! I absolutely love my job other than the first two weeks. Now that I'm working again, I do not miss summer AT ALL. The sleeping in part was nice, but I don't miss the chaos. I don't miss difficult children and their constant fighting. I don't miss being cooped up in the house most days without a license to drive anywhere. I don't miss community service, which was hours of washing dishes which resulted in major back pain. I am happy to be back on a schedule.

    I was dreading the start of the school year because both difficult children started new schools, my son in middle school and my daughter in high school. I was so worried about the transition. Both kids are holding their own. difficult child 1 is doing well. Her case carrier/teacher reports that she does complain about doing some of the class work, but in the end she does it. In her special day classes, there is no homework all year. What a relief! No more homework battles with her. difficult child 2 has been doing phenomenal. He is getting straight A's in all his classes, except Science. He was missing an assignment so his grade dropped, but he has made up the assignment since then and his grade should go back up to at least a B. Last year he was pulling C's, D's, and F's. This year he did a total turnaround. He is so proud of himself. He couldn't wait to brag to me about his grades, even though I already knew about them from looking them up online.

    At daycare he has been completing all of his homework, so I haven't had to worry about working with him on it at home. I talked to the daycare director yesterday. He told me my son is doing great and working hard to complete his work. Total difference from last year. Last year he was so unfocused that all he did was sit and stare off into space during homework hour. They could never get him to complete anything, so they just let him sit there. At home it was a constant struggle to get him to do anything. Homework was more often than not only half completed or sometimes not at all. Now he's doing it all on his own. He is autistic and doesn't transition well but he is making it to each class on time. He is doing so well that I sorta feel guilty for doubting him at all. Turns out I was worried for nothing. I am very happy with the school year so far. I am very happy to be back into a routine. I am not the best stay at home mom. I really do look forward to going to work each day and having some adult interaction. Sitting at home watching daytime TV isn't my cup of tea, which was mostly what I did all summer due to lack of a license and both difficult children losing interest in swimming in our pool. TV and community service was it for me for two whole months. I enjoy being productive again. Things are starting to look up for all of us and I couldn't be more thrilled.
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    It's nice to read a positive post from you. Glad something in your life is looking up.
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    Thanks, TeDo. It's nice to post something positive for once. The only thing that's bad in my life right now is ex, and I'm choosing not to let him get at me. I have the two kids I always wanted, a great job, and a boyfriend who adores me. What more could I ask for?
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    OH, but to be 16 pounds thinner. That would be even better. But I'm workin on it!
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    That is wonderful news that things are going so well for you!
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    So glad things are going well for you!