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    so this is my third try at this post, it keeps going into a cyber vaccuum!

    difficult child, as per his mo, is now acting out. He was wound and hyper this morning. Took his patch off as I said I would not buy him a bakugan when I went to the store. We discussed why this was not ok, put another patch on. He tormented the dogs for hours. I had to got to the store as we were out of milk and tp, and took him as easy child and husband were still asleep and I did not want to leave the dogs at the mercy of difficult child. difficult child was a bear. I bought him a new trac fone( I washed the other one as he left it in his pocket--my fault of course:faint:) and he was mad because I could not let him use it right away as I had to transfer the phone number and the minutes from the old phone to the new phone. He had over 500minutes! He tried to grab the new phone and run off and throw it away as he wanted it and I would not let him have it. Grabbed him, told him he needed to change his behavior or he would go home, the phone would stay with me, and he would not get the candy bar I told him I would buy.

    He seemed a bit calmer, but then darted off to look for candy. He does this and usually just finds me. This time he panicked. A few minutes later I am paged to the customer service desk where a very anxious difficult child was waiting for me. I calmly told difficult child that if he did not run off then he would not get lost. I think the clerk was confused and thought I should be as panicky as difficult child.

    He calmed a little again, kept badgering me about all kinds of things, why am i buying this it is not on the list, can I wait in the car, why are you so slow, etc, etc, etc. We get done and get home, where he is once again loud and rude and annoying. I was on the phone with the trac fone people transferring info and he is yelling at them at the top of his lungs calling them names. I don't think the gal I was talking to knew enough english to know what he was saying, thankfully.

    He said he wanted to take a bath, which I was all for in hopes it would calm him down. Did not do that, but he did manage to take yet another daytrana patch off. So on with the third Daytrana patch for the day, good thing psychiatrist knows he does this sometimes and is understanding.

    I took difficult child and the dogs out to the woods to run. difficult child took his play gun and "shot" everything for the first 30min, the dogs, the trees, you name it and he pretend shot it.

    I think, for now, he is calm. I hope it lasts for awhile. He is still very irritable and touchy, and mouthy but at least he is not hyper.

    I will email psychiatrist and give him a heads up. I don't want to tweak medications yet, I want to see if this passes as husband does better, but think psychiatrist needs to know.

    Calgon, save me from my family!
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    {{{BIG HUG}}}

    What a frustrating and exhausting day! I truly hope tomorrow is better.
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    Egads. Sounds like a Calgon day to me too.
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    I'm exhausted just reading about your day. Whew...Here's to a better evening!
  5. gcvmom

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    Yeah, I'd say he's a little amped up!

    I know that with the patch it takes about 2 hours to fully kick in for my difficult child 1. And since he kept taking it off today, that's probably the reason things were so chaotic. I hope he's better for school tomorrow.

    I know you think it's your fault for washing the phone, but I just went through something similar with difficult child 2 today, and in my opinion, it's the difficult child's fault for leaving the item in the pants in the first place. My difficult child 2 left his wallet in his pants and there was an important receipt in the wallet for a deposit he put on a new video game. We were planning to go out today to pick up the game but had to tear the house apart for difficult child 2's missing wallet. He finally figured that it was in the jeans he wore yesterday (that I had washed last night). Sure enough, the wallet was in the pocket and the receipt was all wet. We tried using the hair dryer on cool to dry it before unfolding it. Unfortunately, the ink was barely visible. I told him it's his resposibility to keep track of his personal items, and that he needs to empty his pockets of these important things and put them away. Lucky for difficult child 2, the store had a record of his deposit. But I'm hoping he learned his lesson about taking better care of his personal items.
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    Sounds like you need calgon and then a good night's sleep. Hugs.
  7. crazymama30

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    No G, I don't think it is my fault about the phone, but difficult child sure does. I tell ya, if it is not one of them it is the other one!
  8. KTMom91

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    Sounds like you need more than one shot of Calgon!
  9. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Yikes! Hey I have had one of those 3 day weekends myself! I'll take a calgon getaway with ya!
    I hope he calms and you don't need to tweak medications.
    Get some rest!
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    So now my grandfather's Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is kicking up, just went over and played the shower nazi--he needs help but will only let me when he is really bad.

    You know, I am amazingly calm. Kinda scares me. I think that between the Zoloft for anxiety/depression, the trazadone to make sure I sleep and the Klonopin to keep me from killing people I will make it. That and many many therapy visits and God only knows how many posts on the board.

    I am calling tommorrow or Tuesday to get easy child set up with therapy. After this last husband episode and her witnessing his verbal rage (which can be very very scary--she had the phone and was ready to call 911 if he did not calm down when I walked in the door--she was scared he was going to hurt me--which he never came close to but still) I think she may need it. She very well may be resistant to it, but I am hoping that she will get over it.
  11. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Sounds like a good plan for easy child. When we are in the thick of things, it's easy to forget how much the chaos affects the innocent bystanders in our family. My easy child has a hard time with her brothers -- not so much husband now that he's doing so well on his medications.
  12. DaisyFace

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    I wonder if it might have helped to take him to the woods to burn off some of that energy before going shopping? phew!

    I hope today is a much calmer day for you...