Back Pain...A Different Approach

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Nomad, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with two different medical people regarding back pain.

    They both had similar ideas.

    The concept was that the majority of this pain is caused by repressed anger. There are books by a man called Dr. John Sarno that discusses this. He says that by repressing anger, this causes muscle tension and a disruption of the flow of oxygen...eventually resulting in severe pain.

    One of my friends suggests taking Naproxen regularly. Both suggest dealing with any repressed anger thoughts. Both suggest exercising least lightly...moderately if possible. One suggests physical therapy if these other things don't work.

    1. Read books by John Sarno.
    2. Address any repressed anger.
    3. Go to therapy if needed.
    4. Light to moderate exercise.
    5. Take Naproxen least at first. (Not everyone agrees on this).
    6. Go to physical therapy...only if needed.

    There was also thought that much of this might apply to headaches as well.

    I do see a possible correlation. However, after many years of experience, I see that headaches are often multi faceted. So, one might get a headache after ingesting MSG. However, it is made worse if you are feeling angry. So, having less stress/anger will make you less vulnerable.

    It's all rather controversial...but I think many good points are in here.
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    If back pain is caused by repressed anger it's a wonder I'm not in a

    I'm going to look into this though - you certainly bring an interesting topic to the table this morning. Thanks Nomad......
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    This is definitely true. Whenever I'm under a lot of stress and ANGRY about something, my low back starts up. I mean, it's really painful.

    It's been like this since February 3rd and it waxes and wanes. I am thinking that I may be able to adress "the issue" this weekend some time. What also acts up is my asthma.

    But anyway, I completely agree with this theory.